Shredded Six Pack Abs with No Ab Training…

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Shredded Six Pack Abs with no Abs Training?!? Yep I haven’t trained Abs in a LONG TIME and in this video I explain why…

Also the reason I talk about in this video is the reason why I have started to train them again. Lol

Hanging Knee Raises (4Sets of 15 reps)
Decline Weighted Sit Ups (4Sets of 15 reps)
Plank Hold (3 Sets of 1 minute)
Spiderman Plank (4 Sets of 10 each side)
Mountain Climbers (3 Sets of 20 each leg)
Dragin Flags (3 Sets of 8-10 reps)

Minimal Rest in between sets


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Ashley Toft says:

Husky looks like my husky when he was a puppy I was howling

Tee So Clean says:

Is it best to do abs in the gym or can you do them at home outside of your workout?

Abdirizak Osman says:

Never have I watched this guy's videos and not laughed at least once.

dude73153 says:

4:20 minutes into gym and chill and he gives you that look

Gábor Vértesi says:

Gabriel, would you use/are you using vitargo while cutting as intraworkout?

Jesus Carino says:

Yes lowering body fat will show abs, but in my case I did not have any. I was lean, around 8% body fat. I needed to do ab workout for the six pack. So yes and no to the question. Yes you need to be lean and if you know that your body is not genetic then work on it. Work on the core while your at it too.

Charlie Kelly says:

Hahahahah I like that build up to the squat
Then the dog and music cut

Cora Elise Fitness says:

Fantastic video Gabriel Sey, very helpful! Keep em coming!!


Cora Elise Fitness

Tuce Dan says:

hy Gabriel! u was saying that u will get that problem about your muscle imbalance checked..what u mean by that exactly,like a doctor check or else?as I have some muscle imbalance..i suppose also hips area.. I'm trying to understand how to correct that..
Thank you!

Barrel says:


Soala Whyte says:

Dude this is my first time leaving a comment but boy that intro was nothing short of EPIC!!! LOL….. Your SIMPLICITY and HUMBLENESS knows no bounds, all definite recipes for guaranteed SUCCESS!!!! BIG UPS MAN.

Dehvin Simms says:

That Dog Though… 1:06

Nerijus Nerijus says:

"What are BCAAs?". A guy with glasses suppose to be smart enough to use google to get an answer for this…

not funny says:

Your channel is for sour underrated .You are amaizing keep it up!

yoogeo1 says:

Bruv you need to give props to the producer of that first beat. Who is it???

Hayden Elphick says:

great video what pre workout do you take a remember you mentioning it in a vid but forgot and dont know what vid it was 😂

Moses Matovu says:

Video is looking amazing since you started this

Big Man says:

the little dog though 😂😂😂

Charlie McGing says:

Guaranteed good video every time👌

Praying Mantas says:

Like a lot of us would say, Abs are cooked in the kitchen!

David Johnsson says:

British accents can be hard to understand some times, in the end I thought you said "a lot of people don't like COPS" and I was like ok but how is that relevant for this subject? then I rewound and realized you said CALVES 😂😂😂

iWaxflax says:

Love the editing bro! Definitely gonna try this out 💪

Gata_ Patea12 says:

Just subscribed my bro. Your page is very informative. Keep doing your thing my man 👌👌

Charlie Tang says:

Ft. me 😂😂😅

Josh Aarons says:

Editing is fucking amazing!! Vid was fucking mint!! Bruh congrats on 90k Ull be at 100k in a week NO DOUBT!!!! 💯❤️❤️

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