Road to Six Pack / My Body Transformation

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I want to share with you my Six pack journey. I have always wanted to go to that level so that I can see my core into its potential and in 2016 I had a lot of embarrassing and frustrating moments when I had to hold my breath so that I may look better on the photos, I needed to cover my love handles with longer T-shirt etc. etc.. I was pissed of and started training more often and the 6 pack result came very easy. If I knew that this body transformation would happen that easy, I would have done it earlier in the past! It took me 5 months, however I had no strict diet and I was eating chocolate from time to time, so I could have done it even faster. Together with fitness, I also continued doing my cardio, I was playing soccer 2 times per week, I ran every Saturday and did swimming once per week. I promised to some of you from the comments to put my Abs workout plan with which I started, so if you are interested to see it as well, here it is:


Thank you all for the support, I am very happy when I can pass my enthusiasm to you through my videos and I hope with this one I can motivate you to think more about yourself, your body and health. Please keep it real, be positive and kind with your friends and family, be active and stay active!

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U have good spinal

de Vi says:

How to reduce body weight

Adithya Krishnan says:

I don't go to a gym and i only have 2-3 dumbbells at home. How should i get a six pack? Should i do ab exercises everyday or should i concentrate on cardio instead? PS I am not fat. I just don't have a six pack. But i have a little bit of lower abdominal fat.

Jason Teen says:

What did you have to change in your diet? And how long did this transformation take you?

daniel sanjaya says:

Hoe many protein do you consume everyday to get thats abs ? Protein powder and from food..

alzom puddin says:

Inspirational video.. thanks

nicholas pintor says:

did you do your planks in the morning and night or just once every day?

Liam Wilkinson says:

No offence but i think ur editing skills are better than the transformasion But on a serious note well done💪😉😉💪

Mohammad Uvais says:

Bro what is your diet because I am also doing abs exercise but I do not have any idea of ​​diet.

Si Gerry says:

So, how long did this transformation took? I’m looking for some motivation 😀

Duck says:

What do you eat?I'm skinny

Orb Studios says:


da zwuni says:

Bg boy 🇧🇬❤

Bryan Goh says:

Am I right to say you didn’t hit the gym for weights training other than the home ab workout and cardio from Swimming running and playing Soccer?

Hope you’d reply, means a lot!

hikini hin says:

how much time ur body transformation took?

malay fuck says:

Hy bro, can i ask??, what is your foid in 30 days??

beroux says:

Wow , Good Job Dude

Elijah Gatulan says:

How long do you do plank in each day

gulemetovm official says:


clash with goutham says:

Really motivated bro

Reachi says:

Im 12 years old And i Have sixpack ;A


Hey man, I loved this video. I have started doing workouts, especially for my ABS because I have a vacation to Hawaii in 3 months and I am not comfortable with my body because I am skinny but I have belly fat. Also have back pain, so that affects my AB workouts.Can you please give me a few tips. I really appreciate it!

seven beatiful man says:

Azimine bayıldım💪

OG E49 100 0 400 says:

0:13 worst goalkeeper euw

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