Review | use | of fitness machines at home for cricketers?

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Hello cricket buddies, as now the level of fitness is increasing so we have maintain our fitness in our comfort time that means if you love to do exercises at our home then it can be helpful its my opinion on it.

six pack exercise : (affiliate)
exercise machine: (affiliate)
six pack machine: (affiliate)
fitness machine with cycle: (affiliate)
fitness with cycle : (affiliate)

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My cricket buddy says:

Hello cricket buddies, this are my personal opinion on it on the basic of my use and your opinion can be different I due respect to that also , thank you so much cricket buddies Love cricket live cricket

Sasi Adhikari says:

Price kitna hey

Shiva Viplove says:

Separate home gym cycline barme ek video karo sir

Shiva Viplove says:

If I buy this who will assemble sir

Krishna Kumar says:

it works for six abs ?

rajvi joshi says:

great work lovely

jan patel says:

lovely I totally liked it my cricket buddy

Udit Miyatra says:

good one as always

Shresth Pandey says:

plz check out my all cricket videos

Deepali Soni says:

Vice video and good exercise

Alpesh Trivedi says:

Can this exercise be done by children under 12?

Cricket is my religion says:

Awesome Video 👏👏 Keep Going…….👍👍

sports how to says:

Helpful video thanks for making it

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