Quick Workout To Do Before Bed [Burn Calories]

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Here’s a quick workout routine to do before going to bed. It’s a diverse set of exercises designed to work all the major muscle groups of your body, so that at night, while you sleep, your body can repair your muscles and burn extra calories.

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Mylinh Tran says:

That wasn't too bad. I guess it depends on your current fitness level. I usually workout 4 days a week doing anywhere from 30 min to 3 hrs a day. However been off track for the last 3 months due to stress, etc. Overall I think this is a good workout to do at night or even in the morning to jumpstart your day or wind down before bed. I feel a good burn but not overworked. Hope this helps. Feel free to add me on my fitness pal @ Mylinhdc =]

Bokang Mmutlana says:

this works so much

sri siri says:

Actually i have a question.. how many calories does this excercises burn..

shailu shailaja says:

This is after dinner or before having dinner

SHRE S MJ says:

This is nly for girls ???

Riyana Rahman says:

I am very surprised…
After doing this exercise between 2week I get good results … who r thinking to tho this exercise you must need to try and you will see the results automatically…

LleylalL says:

Thank youu💞💞💖
Im trying to do this every day before bed and this is not to hard
I found your channel since im trying to lose weight i already lost 5kg in one week with your help

keerthika pugazhendi says:

I m gng to try this from today….I hope it wil give me d best results…😎

Remember Mampuru says:

The best workouts 💛

Monk says:

This is much better than actual people lol I love this. I recommend trying ❤️💪🏽

you got no JAMS says:

Can I skip the rest time?

maryam almohammed says:

I love the rest time!


Iam starting today (22.1.19)

PhanHowlter says:

The russian twist is probably the hardest for me. I love this though, I'm going to continue

mel atonin says:

how many calories does this burn? 🙂

Girlwithasweetheart 900 says:

Day 1 completed 💓✌️💪🏆🔥

Ayesha Khanum says:

Hello, wanted to say this is great! I would like to know how many calories do you burn during this workout?

Geng Ossas says:

Day 1 completed
Day 2 completed

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