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Today I give you a quick five minute ab and core workout. This is perfect to do before or after ballet class or while you are sitting around watching television. It will not only tone and strengthen your abs, but warm them up for class. Plus I give you a trick for working both the upper and lower abs.

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Ally Bird says:

Would you be able to do a new and longer ab workout at some point?

meow shay says:

how do you prevent arching?

Lil Cool says:

Also, how long do you recommend that I do these individual exercises?

Lil Cool says:

My name spelled the same. Also, as a twelve-year-old dancing for 6 years, I only have classes once a week, which means whatever workout we do at the beginning of class always goes to waste 4 or 5 days after. I've been looking for a good ballet workout, that lengthens the limbs, and helps with the core, and this is great. Looking forward to seeing your stretching classes. 🙂

Ciara1211 says:

When I took Pilates at the dance studio growing up we would do this thing start, laying on the back legs straight up. We would have 8 counts of changments to bring our legs to 6 inches off the ground, 8 counts of changments at that height, then 8 to get back up. It is killer lower abbs!

Ciara1211 says:

When I took Pilates at the dance studio growing up we would do this thing start, laying on the back legs straight up. We would have 8 counts of changments to bring our legs to 6 inches off the ground, 8 counts of changments at that eight, then 8 to get back up. It is killer lower abbs!

Chocolate Puppy says:

I do these in my Pilates class, and it's actually WAY harder than it looks. Good workout btw!


Omg she makes it look so easy!!

Mônica Miranda says:

i would like you to do videos on how to ton the arms.

Betsy Kirkland says:

Hi Kathryn, Do you have any tips on how Not to engage the hip flexors when doing ab exercises? I have a bad (unconscious) habit of it.

Nadiya Vargola says:

Great set of exercises. Exactly what I was searching for a short workout! Thank you very much Kathryn!

Natalie Young says:

could you film a more in depth ab workout? like we go along with you? also if you have any workouts for arm toning that would be great to. love these workouts, it's already improved my dancing a lot!

Jesse Pike says:

I seem to be faced with a problem. I do musical theater and would like to become a stronger dancer, but my family cannot afford for me to take classes. I've been looking for scholarships and work-study programs, but cant seem to find any in my area. Thoughts?

07CSH01 says:

I love it, sometimes i wish that you could teach us some after class stretching since i always feel super sore after class, and also may i ask how can you not use ur outer muscle and use ur inner thigh muscle? thank you 🙂

Isabelle Edwards says:

Yes to Pinterest! 🙂

HeyItsJen says:

Please get snapchat! Love you! X

Marla Rodriguez says:

Snapchat yes please

Emily Sardina says:

I loved this video! I will definitely use it, especially since it is a shorter routine. And you should definitely get a Pinterest and a snapchat

Natalie Fourquet says:

Do a snapchat!💕

Stacey S says:

(My daughter is a dedicated follower, but too young for her own YouTube account, so I am writing this on her behalf.)

This is exactly what she was looking for. (Every week, it's as if you know just what she wants to work on!) It is not only helpful, but you've made the exercises accessible for anyone, as your videos always do. And the five minutes? Just right for someone who is rushing from school to the studio and only has maybe 20 minutes to get ready and warmed up.

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