PMA FITNESS || 5 Minute AB Blaster Workout

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Welcome to Faisal’s Five. This 5 minute workout can be done anywhere at any time. No excuses, no equipment just 5 minutes of your absolute best, is all I ever ask for.

In this work out we will be jumping between 20 second intervals to 40 seconds and back to 20. This way you’ll be keeping your body guessing and working at a faster pace giving you faster results.

1. Roll Ups – 20 sec
2. Side Kicks, Right Leg – 40 sec
3. Plank Right Knee Touches – 20 Sec
4. Side Kicks, Left Leg – 40 sec
5. Plank Left Knee Touches – 20 sec
6. Alternating Long Leg Rotation – 40 sec
7. Double Leg Reach Tuck – 20 sec
8. Russian Twist – 40 sec
9. Seated Scissor Kicks – 20 sec
10. Mountain Climbers – 40 sec

Who is Faisal? Faisal Abdalla is one of London most sought after Celebrity Trainers. You can find Faisal down at Barry’s Bootcamp, demanding results as one of their Master Trainers. Along with Barry’s, Faisal is an official Nike trainer, a Mens Health Ambassador and personal trainer to Ellie Goulding.


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claire mulvany says:

Great session. V difficult, loved it…..

No Ones Cup Of Tea says:

Urghhhhh, what an Ab Killer, lol! Excellent little session, thanks a lot, Faisel 🙂

claire mulvany says:

Only just found your youtube channel-great workout. Thank you

SaltSkin3003 says:

This is awesome Faisal, thanks for uploading! I'd love to come to your sports lessons one day but I'm living in Germany :/ so I'm really glad you've uploaded these videos. Keep up the good work! Motivation PMA!!! Go,go,go 🙂

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