Pelvic Floor Safe Core Exercises | Physio Safe Core Exercises Video

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Safe core exercises with Physical Therapist guidance to strengthen and tone your core abdominal muscles.

Physical therapist Michelle Kenway shows you how to do gentle core stability exercises that tone and control your lower abdomen while avoiding pelvic floor pressure.

Michelle guides you step by step through a series of floor-based core exercises, after showing you how to correctly activate your deep abdominal muscles (TA’s) along with help to know which core exercises are unsafe abdominal exercises to avoid if your pelvic floor is weak or at risk of pelvic floor injury.

These pelvic floor safe core exercises are suited to most women seeking safe core exercises with weak pelvic floor muscles, pelvic prolapse, previous prolapse surgery or hysterectomy surgery. Michelle’s Inside Out programme of exercise books and DVD’s are available from

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Dr.Kanwal kaur says:

Hi Doctor, i am having problem in squeezing vagine for more than 1 second

Suzanne Dixon says:

Thank you so much. This is exactly what I needed to know. All your Youtube demo.s and your book and dvd are excellent.

jessi330 says:

Suggestion for if you don't feel any contraction between the hip bones?

Michelle Lamond says:

Hi Michelle! I was wondering if you have any full body workouts that are safe for both pelvic prolapse and diastasis recti. I'm finding myself trying to piece together movements from videos, websites and physical therapy to build a total body workout that is safe for me to do but effective enough to strengthen my whole body and provide a little cardio (and lose weight.) I've seen and tried a few programs (Tupler Technique, Mutu, Dia Method) but none really have what I'm looking for. I'd love if you produced a 30 minute video I could follow along with without worrying my diastasis recti or pelvic prolapse.

Youarenotyourthoughts says:

You are so much better than any PT I know! Thank you, thank you!!!!

Margot Robicheaux says:

Can these exercises help with vaginismus(I can't even manage more than a finger or a tampon)? I can't afford dilators and there are no pelvic floor psychical therapists in my country. I feel broken and like no one is going to love me.

Mahii mahaa says:

hello madam is it a safe exercise for me as i am in my 36 week of pregnancy

B Tejaswi Reddy says:

can this helo to get regular periods as i am having pcod docter suggested to do this

Bellum War says:

Can deadlifts strain the pelvic flore

mena nadhum says:

Thank you so much, this is very usefull to me

Bijou das says:

It is very well-explained in a clear and straightforward manner. Very much beneficial for women having complete hysterectomy.

Lulu says:

what do you do if you can't really feel if you're doing that? due to nerve damage, I really can't tell if I'm contracting them or not

Victoria Gaebel says:

is it ok to do during menstruation? Thank you!

MegaMusical10 says:


Radhakrishna Teja says:

are ur pelvic exercises only for women..
can men do practice them

Kristina Henderickx says:

Hey Michelle,

I want to train my abs and want to flatten my belly.
The exercises you recommend, are Pelvic Floor safe, but can I get a flat tummy by doing these exercises?
Or do I have to do more abs exercises to actually see result?

P.s.: I really love your videos!

Rihab BEN MALEK says:

it is necessary to do cardio or warm up before ?

Rihab BEN MALEK says:

are theses exersises safe for duastasis 2 fingers ? how many reps each ?

Olivia Fontaine says:

Hi Michelle,
will these exercises help a bladder and bowel lining that has been damaged through radiation therapy and chemotherapy?
If not, is surgery an option?
Thank you for your video, it is inspiring.

jonassx100 says:

can we do all these on non empty stomach

Lills Jul says:

I have no idea if I am doing it right or not.  This does not work.  You need to point better.

Carly W says:

Are these exercises safe to do if you pelvic floor muscles that are too tight? I also have chronic back pain (mid back pain specifically), and have been told over and over that I need to strengthen my core, however I find myself limited to the types of exercises I can do because of my tense pelvic floor.

Lubna Saba says:

Hi Michelle i had baby 6 days ago n i feel like my cervix n bladder is low am i wondering is it prolapse ? Can i fix it with pelvic floor exercise ? I had been doing pelvic floor exercise during my pegnancy any idea or help ?i really Appreciate tht thanks

The Food Diary says:

Hi Michelle, can this be helpful after a lapcroscopy surgery for stage 4 endometriosis ? i am currently trying to conceive and after my surgery 4 months ago i am finding it difficult still to find comffy exercise. I am also finding it hard to find a physeo in Sydney that helps with this
thank you for your video !! it is so great xx

Jan David says:

Hi, I have tight pelvic muscles would a sit up be good for this?

Jeannette Ruiz says:

omg you talk too much just show mw

miss mum says:

hello, i am 3.5weeks pp and have what i am guessing is some kind of prolapse.. are these safe for someone so newly postpartum?

Andrea DN says:

Hi Michelle, I had a removal cyst almost 4 weeks ego, I have been walking in the treadmill and elliptical machine since the second week after my surgery, but I think I am still weak because my belly still swollen, I would like to know if I should wait to get better or do some specifics exercises. Thank you

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