No Equipment Home Six Pack ABS Workout [ বাংলা / BENGALI ] | Fit Bengal

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Hello Everyone, Welcome Back. This is a home Six Pack ABS Workout video with no Equipment. This Exercise is designed for Beginners to advanced. There are total 8 exercise in this Six Pack ABS Workout Routine. We will break this 8 exercise into 4 parts. We will perform first 2 exercises without taking any rest, then we will take 30 sec rest and perform our 3rd & 4th exercise without any rest & so on till 8th exercise. I’ll suggest to do 10 reps per exercise for beginners & 15-20 reps for intermediate to advanced. Watch the video till the end for more information & perform it at home & get six pack abs.

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Ajharuddin Molla says:

Tahole practice suru Kori ai vabe

Support civil says:

bhai ek t shirt milega kya

Kartik Jana says:

Cool bro…👌👌👌

imran siddiquei says:

Nice concept but if voice will be in hindi that will be more comfort to be understanding cause not everyine understand bngli.
All of the above new idea keep it up.

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