My Top 3: Gymnastic Beginner Core Exercises

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In this video we continue the series called “My Top 3”. This episode is on gymnastic core exercises.

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Hollow Body – 0:57
Form Rule – 1:14
Hollow Body Rocks – 2:15
Hollow Body V-Ups – 2:44
Straight Bodyline Drill – 3:20

Arch Body – 3:58
Arch Body Rocks – 5:14
Sky Divers – 5:43
Front Bodyline Drill – 6:12

Core Compression – 7:21
Straddle Compression – 8:47
L-Sit / Straddle L-Sit – 9:15

SUMMARY – 9:41

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Music by:

Instrumental – Chuki

Intro – Catas – Limits
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Stanley13 says:

I love these exercises…. so much tougher than they look…
Would you recommend doing these every day?

Lauren Kermelis says:

This is great! I’m
Not a gymnast- just an average woman trying to train and condition for aerial tissue and Lyra- I did this workout yesterday and loved it. I found myself really applying the principles in my circuit training and Trx today. How often do you suggest doing this exercises? 2-3x / week? Etc.

eonblue46 says:

Just picked up Overcoming Gravity and you do a great job of making the exercises outlined in that book easy to understand. Thanks Tom!

Dr Phil says:

These basic exercises have been around forever and are excellent. They are safe and can be done anywhere.

Sheena Ragas says:

is this recommended for women too?

CallMeSupreme says:

Nice ones!!

ajaxSAF says:

These have been changing my body over the past couple months

Javier Rea says:

Muy buenos los ejercicios. Gracias.

TzeHsiung Wong says:

i find the explanation on the progression steps really helpful for someone who've just started out like me, unlike the other videos where they usually start off with the hardest progression

Storm Walton says:

Tom i use these with yoga bud awesome moves…thanks bro

thecelticdancer1 says:

Fantastic combo! Will add it to my routine starting today. Will keep you posted on progress 😀

David Jones says:

How many of these variations should you do at once. Should you just do one from each of the three exercises for one workout?

Thomas Dornig says:

Hello Tom, I love your channel and I am an absolute beginner in bodyweight exercises (So sorry for the next question). Does it make a difference if I hold the hollow body or make a dynamic exercise out of it? How would you insert this in your workout for a rookie like me?

Timothy says:

3 solid ones there im gonna try em

Excessive Noise says:

Squirel at 5.36 on the wall

Страхиња Јованчевић says:

Glute activation?

Laura Payti says:

thanks a lot!!!

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