Many Different Ab Exercises

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Want ripped abs? Well Listen as Freddy Fox walks you through these intense ab exercises. From Beginner to Advanced. Freddy Fox is a certified personal trainer. professional boxer, and Barstarzz member. He has been working out for over 15 years.


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Very perfect vedio, covered all exercises

Prem Raj says:

English Mein Bole

Saju Miah says:

This is the best abs workout

pacificshabz says:

You made it looks like even my grandma can do it.

Juud Chimaoge says:

Awesome job man!!!

The Interesting Talk Show says:

Nice core video!!

Laali Malhewal says:

Love from indiaaa ,,,,,,,,lv u bro

Julio Cesar Panduro Urquia says:

Muchas gracias gringo moreno por enseñar tus ejercicios. Lo voy a poner en practica en un rincon de mi ve muy interesante..

ван хельсинг says:

Капитальный красавчик

Odelu Pasham says:

Good translations

emad hanifi says:

I really don't understand why some people dislike a good video? They should take out the dislike button for this one.

Matthew Ferguson says:

Your"re a beast

Sara Freeman says:

This workout awsome. But not easy!!

Earn Knowledge says:

I can hardly do those exercises for just one min and next the sec my stomach starts bursting out.

lautarITo pepe says:

Por que te pones más negro

Massamba Gueye says:

OfficialBarstazz how many reps am I supposed to do each exercice?

nilesh meena says:

chest make exasije tell

Amit Dhimal says:

ya I love 8

Wellington Lisboa says:

Thank you so much for the abdominals exercises 😉!

Brayan Maldonado says:

Fuking abc fake

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