Maintaining 6 packs all year around with this DIET !

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LINKS FOR T-SHIRTS :- is an online venture started by Anuj Tyagi.

Anuj Tyagi is a Certified Personal Trainer from American Council on Exercise(ACE). He is also a Therapeutic Exercise Specialist, Certified Sports Nutritionist and GMP Certified Flexibility Training Specialist from ACE.

He is a Chartered Accountant by education and has been a part of Fitness industry since 2007.

Apart from providing online training from his website, he is also Content Writer at Mens XP and where he writes articles on scientific facts and clears age old myths of Indian Fitness Industry.

Through this Youtube channel, we Intend to educated and guide you in your Fitness Journey. There will be no ‘Bro Science’ and only scientific truths about various subjects in Fitness, Health and Nutrition will be given.

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Since the video went too long, i had to crop out the review of Himalaya from this one. Will be posting the review separately in the next few days. Baki comments krke zrur btana ki video kaisa lga 🙂

Abutalaha Belavadi says:

Non veg ka bhi bhai

raghu sharma says:

Nyc video sir

rajeev mishra says:


rajeev mishra says:

U dont look like ca u look like trainy according to age and physics by the way salute u sir bro perfect combination of sharp mind and great physique salute u bro respect u sir

Sarkari Banda says:

Seeing that you're a Chartered Accountant, surprises me alot..
It's hard to find a professional in a such a good shape.

By the way even m trying to change how we regular govt employees look n work..

I am an Inspector in income tax Delhi (always complain about the timings) but you just motivated the hell outa me! Stay blessed bro

nandish Halemani says:

Improve your video quality

nandish Halemani says:

Brown rice or white rice

Arnav Kumar Dutta says:

Traps are not growing…any hack? Or I have to wait nd keep patiencd

Atif Noor says:

You're an inspiration, kudos for all the hardwork & dedication💯

Harry Aulakh says:

Bhai khade hoke paani nahi peena chahiye 🙏🙏according to ayurveda

Aniket Pandey says:

Highly informative video brah 💖💪

Safwan Khan says:

abe chutiye tofu aur soya chunks se estrogen increase hota hai
laundiya ban jaiga saale

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