Lower Abs – Alternate crossing of the feet

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Lower Abs exercise: Alternate crossing of the feet by http://www.passion4profession.net/en/ .This exercise keeps your abs in constant tension and stimulates particular area of the lower abdominal muscle. (electronic translation of the text)

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This exersise is so difficult 😥😥

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Awab Kamal says:

can somebody tell me why is the breathing important

Mimosa Bonsai says:

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Angel Zurdo says:

He need a big bulge

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jesse ryan says:

don't think that is what he means its just that they used a black guy this time

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Nick H says:

he is big as shit

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MISU says:

This guy is a spartan warrior

Zephaniah says:

I need to see video for woman…

Gigglebeef says:

How many sets x repetitions of these should I do?

Sean K says:

Besides the disturbing voice, I really like these walkthroughs.


depends on how much you enjoy doing it

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