Lose the pooch – best exercises for lower abs

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Annie Lou says:

How many second should be done?

Dee Kincaid says:

Glad I found ur site I needed this for the midsection bad. I will be trying this at home not the gum am kinda on the big side with big breast don't want to be all over the place with these things in the gum

Lavanya Sivasankar says:

Hi can I do these 2 months post c-section?

Jerry West says:

Transverse Abdominal

Angie Gutierrez says:

I was on board until I saw that one move where she went straight up .. Id break my damn neck tryna do something like that.

ilovebeing amommy says:

I'm a mother of 5 2 c sections!!! im still in progress but I've got the upper four pronounced and the v tapering is outlined. babies were born may 2005 nov 2006 may 2009(cs) June 2016 July 2017(cs). if I can do it y'all can!!!! all you gotta do is put the work in ladies!!!!😉 good luck with your journeys!!

smithieboy10 says:

Love this thanks

Vilakshan2 Khanna2 says:

It's true difficult for beginners but once u got use to u will definitely enjoy. I am mother of two and I can do all of them and it really works.

Vydydyjym83 says:

4:36 WTF! 😮

Hello Happiness says:

Any who has abdominal fat cannot do either of these exercises.

Shabooty Queque says:

While watching this eating a big mac

ulvenNixie says:

Some of these had me flopping around on the floor like a fish, lol. I'm doing my best though.

justme smith says:

what I like about your videos , they descript each part of body . The BEST VIDEOS I've seen . I NEED to lose much weight , but I want to work on ALL parts of body ….The Arms to lose the underarm fat ( if that's possible and can you really lose underneath it ? aka fatwings ) .I want to lose in my breast , back , stomach , legs and butt , I want every part of body to be Small .I hope you've videos on …these parts ….

Stephan Serowy says:

Might anyone be able to tell me what/who exactly the background music is and where one could possibly get it? Thanks a lot!

Jacob Butler says:

Im a man who has a "pooch" im going to give these a try

learn in hindi says:

what time i do it. can i do it many time a day

Sardo Numspa says:

0:42 Hold the abdominal contraction for a second…even though I don't

Danielle Louis says:

Does anyone know if theses exorcises really work? 

Living Dead Paradox says:

Please can someone help me???? I have done 1st exercise for a while now, but it's fairly easy. How can I make it harder so I can build thick muscular lower abs? Lower abs are my weak point. My upper abs need more work, but not that much compared to lower…

I know how to build most muscle groups with exercise, but lower abs were always a  problem. My lower abs feel undeveloped. 

Jessica Simas says:

This shit blows, they just rapid fire list off shit you need to do with no pacing whatsoever. Fuck off shitheads 

Pandora Nox says:

nice work outs but for someone who has  from little to no attention span the pauses between the excersize's are very stressful

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