Kids Exercise – Kids Workout At Home

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This short and easy workout is suitable for kids who need to exercise at home or in the gym.

This workout improves their flexibility, improves their muscle strength, helps burn any unnecessary body fat while also boosting their metabolism and improving cardio circulation.

Exercise should be a part of every kid’s life early on, to ensure that their bodies develop correctly, uniformly and healthy.

Remember that you need to exercise 4-5 days per week for 3-4 weeks to start seeing results.

After you complete this workout make sure to leave a comment below the video and tell me how you feel, and if this workout was easy or not!

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Good luck and let’s begin!!❤️💪

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pika trisha says:

My mom said that i need to exercise everyday my mom doesnt care if im fat as long as i execise so yeah

Arianna’s Journey says:

I am 10 and my people make fun and tell me I’m fat but idc and I exercise not only because of my weight I also do it for my health and I just found this extercise out and since it take me like 30 minutes to get tired I’ll do it like 5 times 😂

Veronica says:

I’m 9 and the first day I did this i was so tired after. Go to 3 months later and I had lost 13 pounds I was in a size XL but im now in a M I saw so much change because I used to hate the way I looked mostly because of my weight I was letting my size get me down but my mom always said I was amazing I didn’t think that so I was so proud of these results🤗🥳🤗🥳😚😍😍😍🥰🥰🤗

Skyler Y says:

Hiii I’m 11 and just started this workout today. I will update as much as I can for the next month. I hope this helps ppl and if u have any questions abt it just comment it😁

Day 1: The exercise really breaks a sweat. I did it only once. I found some of them to be a little to difficult so I replaced them with sit-ups/ curl ups.

Skyler Y says:

Hi so I’m 11 and I decided to do this workout since I feel upset by the way my body is. I feel like I’m very overweight so I’m doing something for myself. I have some questions:
Do you have to eat healthy for this to work?
How long should I do this to see major results ?

Poonam Mishra says:

Can i do this anytime ?

When it is more effective morning,afternoon,evening?

Altツ says:

Quick tip to y’all who wanna lose weight : do this about 3 or more times a day because 11 mins is not enough.
Restrict yourself from eating junk foods and eat healthy.Drink lots of water like 3 or more bottles a day.Finally limit yourself from technology because sitting down all day watching or playing games ain’t gonna help you.

Reason I’m telling you this is because I have pre diabetes which means I’m close to diabetes so yeah do all of this so that you don’t get near close to where I’m at

Ultra Instinct Shaggy 1.9% says:

I'm doing this because everybody calls me fat and it makes me wanna die and I even admit that im fat and everybody thinks it when i ask them they say no but i think they are lying im not even comfortable wearing shorts I even went 2 days without eating because getting made fun of it annoying

luis aguilar says:

Someone has called me fat in 2nd grade and I’m only doing this for my health and to lose weight so I can fit in dresses

Natasha Xx says:

I’m fourteen and I am doing this workout so I feel confident wearing short tops on my holiday x

daeerg says:

If this was a kids workout I thought there would be kids bop playing 😂 (I’m so glad kids bop wasn’t in this 😂)

Hïghkey Phoebe says:

Anyone have any other tricks to loose weight?❤️

It’s Jess says:

This seems really helpful! I hope it works

Guys I'm taking a breAk says:

Very helpful….

Leaves you walk-less after!

Sugar Sweets says:

This is a sweaty vid and is nice because it is the first time in moths I got a good exercise it works

Nevaeh Nagel says:

How long would it take to lose one pound? I want to know cuz I want a rough draft of how long this will take me to reach my goal.

Phil Swift says:

I honestly just needed an easier work out routine and this seems like my best bet to start off on my weight lose journey

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