Jump Rope Workout For Six Pack Abs

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Jump Rope Workout For Six Pack Abs

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The Workout:

30 seconds – jump rope sprint (¼ lb)
30 seconds – plank
30 seconds – jump rope feet x’s (½ lb)
30 seconds – side plank right
30 seconds – jump rope high sprint (¼ lb)
30 seconds – side plank left
30 seconds – jump rope feet x’s (½ lb)
30 seconds – ab crunchers

(Rest 10 seconds between exercises)
(Rest 1 minute between circuits)
Beginner Complete 3x Total
Advanced Complete 5x Total (We do 5)

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Donut Goodie says:

It’s that gonna work, If I had only regular jump rope ? Like from Reebok or something like that.

Dapo Olurin says:

How many times a week should I do this and can i add it to my lower and upper body workouts

tech geek says:

That's was mean… but good. 'precciate ya!

Grottosays says:

Did this one this morning.. Good workout.. I took a couple days off last week cause of a pain on front left below my knee .. It seemed to help.. I'm back at the thing , but am limiting the single leg stuff… Still have the pain and a lot of stiff aches, but seems to not to be worse.. Gotta make sure to stretch,roll,etc… I did a lot of jump roping years ago in my 20s… 40 years ago….haha……Do the Thing !

ewetoob blowes says:

Love the Feet x’s and as usual showing us you can do ropes anywhere. Thanks JRD! #dothething

Robin Muhlestein says:

I just did it today and a very good workout as usual.
For having a little bit more intensity, I propose to do dynamic plank as lifting one leg each times or knee to shoulder in plank position and legs up on the side plank.
Keep going 🙂 🙂

Anonymous Anonymou says:

Please still do weight loss workout videos. its like videos are limited now 😭😔 here on YouTube

Rey Anthony says:

Bro, I'm really loving these 30 min workouts. keep up these kind of vids. props!

초자연발효정원 says:

you are impressive workout I have seen to follow your style. thanks

andy santana says:

Doing just jump ropes ain't gonna give you six pack

Catherine says:

I strongly reccomend creating a spotify playlist for us. your guys songs are the bomb! please and thank you

farrel mukhesh says:

Nice dudes….loved it Dan.. loved it..thx man

C John says:

Dudes! Just got my first Infinity set: Get Lean. Was still using the old ones until they were sparking against the ground. 😰 Anyway now lunch is at 12:30AM, not stopping me from doing this workout! 😀

Thomas Yau says:

I’ve never jump rope before and my calf muscles and ankles became really tired after a while, is that normal? How long does it take for me to get use to it?

João Martins says:

That was a killer one. Tough, but fun! Thanks dudes

nikolina josipovic says:

I learned scissors and jacks today,i'm so proud of myself..happy😄😃..yey

Manuel Hosp says:

Can you guys make a body breakdown on how to get a body like Dan?

francodelgrando says:

nice workout. Its so cool to start the day with you or Brandon

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