INTENSE 8 Pack Abs Workout! -10 Minute Ab Blast!

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So today we’re doing ABS! This INTENSE 8 Pack Abs Workout – 10 Minute Ab Blast! is packed with reps and little rest! The goal is to keep the abs toned and well defined with a good burn!

Start with your basic crunches, 3 sets 50 reps each set! now i did more than 50 reps some sets, it’s all about feeling the burn!


Next in this INTENSE 8 Pack Abs Workout! – 10 Minute Ab Blast I worked the lower abdominal’s, Which consists of 3 sets x 25 reps. Now i had on 5lbs ankle weights for more resistance and did more than 25 reps! If you don’t have ankle weights, i suggest you do more reps!!

Lastly i finished off with what i call “Sideups” simply because i have no idea what this last exercise is called. Regardless the name, this exercise for the obliques is a killer consisting of 3 sets x 50 reps for both sides! Meaning 150 reps each side!!

For beginners, start off doing this routine 3 times a week, but if you really want those abs try to do this everyday!! There is nothing wrong with having perfect abs as a result to doing so, so why not!

With little rest in between some sets, this INTENSE 8 Pack Abs Workout! – 10 Minute Ab Blast will surely do the job to getting you those killer abs! Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe.

Hope you guys enjoy!

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Rokz FitLyfe says:

Just smashed this shit in 2019… Thx BK 💯

Legit Philippines says:

I watched this video a lot of times. This is very effective workout. Btw what's the music?

Brogan Townsley says:

I do it every day and sometimes twice a day and av done it for 1 week and am noticing a difference already thanks 💪

Angel Rotten says:

sexy niggah……

Chen Games says:

How long take you grow your abs ?

Keaton D0382 says:

do u have to use the ankle weights to get the results because my mom does not want me to use my weights because I am sick

Thebossgods2 says:

Everytime he takes a break i'm like bruh

Maurice Cooper says:

This is awesome, bro! Will definitely jump-start my midsection. Thanks!👍💯💪

BK Sesay says:

Aha i subscribed coz u a BK as well 👌🏾

Hitler .D says:

whats the song? its says trap nation but wats the name

Alexis Arguelles says:

I don't know why I can't do the side ups well , my neck and back hurts while doing it and I get tired what am I dong wrong

6 Bars says:

Do you work and when you're bulking ?

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