INSANE ABS ! Can`t believe it`s real! // 6 Pack Abs is nothing! This is a 10-pack

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Mohamed Ali is one of the few people in the world who have 10 pack abs, watch the video below to see what he does to reveal his ripped 10 pack abs. He shares his workout and diet for both on and off-season as he is a physique competitor.

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teach me how to make a cheese pizza says:

Sometimes a 10 pack looks fucking disgusting

Steroids says:

They should b thanking me for these abs😎😎

Walid says:

2018 – 8 packs
2019 – 10 packs
2020 – Family packs
2021 – to be continued…

street art crazy says:

Music link 😢😢

汪军宏 says:

ten packs!!! that's like having two dicks

Sajmira Babaramo says:

I have been to fat but now i have a six pack and oh yeah im only 12

Sohan Ekbote says:

My body got just 4 pack abs. 😌 Anatomy.

Андроид Андроид says:

Что с их животами?

Seth H says:

Man thats awesome👌 i wish i had the genetics for a 10 pack😂 heck i aint even got my 6 pack yet but its getting there😂 more like a one pack rn😂

Anna Paula Ribeiro says:

Isso não tá bonito não

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