Insane 5 Minute Ab Home Workout | The Lost Breed

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The Lost Breed’s 5 Minutes of Hell Ab Routine

Exercises are listed in video:
– perform every exercise for 30 seconds
– 10 different exercises
– no breaks in between exercises

Underhand touch sit ups
Leg raises
Reverse crunches
Bicycle crunches
Side twists
Straight leg ups
Flutter kicks
Ankle touches
Plank (one minute)

Workout Plans:…

The Lost Breed Apparel:


Video: Brian Costa

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Ashley Wright says:

On planks 2 min and 10 sec is hard

TANK Youtube says:

Holy crap that was hard! Good shit TLB

Fresh Gainz says:

I forgot all about this ab workout! Had me dying today!! πŸ’ͺπŸ½πŸ’€

wild boy 1738 says:

doing plank position all wrong

Mrs Pokemon says:

just did this workout and am for sure feeling it….I only made it 45 seconds on the plank but ill make it next time

Johnnion GT says:

the plank takes 1minutes so the workout is 5 1/2 minutes

Dominic De Luna says:

how many counts?

Trill Threes says:

what do I do afterwards

HootieTV says:

Been doing this for the past 28 days and im already seeing great results. and the great part is it only takes 5 minutes.

Sudeep Singh says:

This is just
awesome #Brah

Justin Schultz says:

Just did the workout

YouTuber Thug life says:

that is the best work out I ever did for my abs nothing but love for you guys

Bwayy 101 says:

just did that workout n it was hell

T-gan 13 says:

How many times should I do this in one week?

Hugo Maricato says:

how many days per week should i be doing this?

hamani 789 says:

My stomach turned into a six pack just watching this vide

Viliami Tomasi says:

Just did this shit and almost died 😩😩😩 love this shit

Blazerj5 says:

Appreciate what you guys doing πŸ’―πŸ™ŒπŸ½

Ryu Hadouken says:

why wear stupid hats?

Nathan Powers says:

Nutrition video!

william fleming says:

how old are u guys?

Dakota Wachter says:

This is now an every night workout for me. Gonna make it every morning and night. Keep grinding bro every video inspires me to be great.

Isaac Avila says:

are you guys gonna make videos on what your diet looks like??

Richard Poland says:

Could you restock the tanks??

Jake Fry says:

Ayyee! this shit kills Man! Lets get it Gang Gang!

Mg Keino says:

I just did this and this workout is a killer man..definitely going to make this a routine workout now

Bam Baam says:

πŸ’ͺ🏾πŸ’ͺ🏾, gonna try this out

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