Impossible six pack abs workout – Level 6

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Impossible abs is a mobile application created by Impossible Workouts organization which is a health and fitness oriented institute trying to deliver the importance of body weighted workouts in the most effective and convenient way possible. for this application we aim to deliver and effective way to train you abdominal muscles and help to get the six pack you have been always dreaming about.

We in impossible workouts provided 6 level workout videos on YouTube, so even people who don’t have access for the app can enjoy our workout program. this you tube program is 60 days program and the user should workout on each level for ten consecutive days.

The application is a 50 day intense program with personal trainer sense, this app contain a lot of appealing features such as connecting to social network and the view of your workout activity.
this is the application link

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nlr rln says:

Feel the burn!😂💕

George Fean says:

Too EZ to call it Impossible ABS 😀 some P4P videos are much more harder! 😀 😀

Destiny Cyrus says:


Why were still here says:

Wish i was lying but i actually did it and it literatly traumatized me

chhavi kant says:

This is what happened to Dante after dmc

Hide and Tweak says:

next time i'll try it not after my intense 20 min bike exercice

Vinod Kathariya says:

Gud workout

Doggu Derpwoofa :P says:

easier on mat

Doggu Derpwoofa :P says:

4 pack!!!!!!!

TSM TSM says:

A level
7 please

Rocky The Rooster says:

Level 7 Please 😢. Make it more "Impossible"

C A R L O S says:

This guy is the devil

sachin jagarwar says:

these are so easy .upload something tough or kind of impossible

Time Echos says:

I been working on insane ab workout level 2 but this woah

LiL HeadBand says:

I love how it gives you motivation unlike passionforproffesion the motivation pushed me

Pader Mader says:

Acrelic oil painting

Valeriu Coadă says:

it wasnt impossible)

Vincent Rivera says:

What if we do this everyday

Aryan Singh says:

the guy is so creepy looking😂😂

Jedi says:

Helped me get into shape

Brady Hanson says:

I got 6-pack following this abs guide “suza great plan” (Google it). When I exercise at the gym I see oftentimes that even guys are jealous. My coach said this guide is helpful for male and female. Try it out to get the result that I`ve attained.

Android Studio says:

find my channel on YouTube sibtain Ali my profile is my comment profile

A W says:

He sounds like hellbent

Дамир Даирбаев says:

Dante? What the hell are you doing here?

Gabriel Git says:

this workout it's amazing

pure heart says:

the neck hurts the most

Abdi Bashiir says:

awesome 🖒

sherry khan says:

What is name this app .. kindly if anybody knows.. then help me

The real Donald trump says:

I weigh 250 pounds will i still get the six pack

Erman Mutant says:

Awesome !!!!

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