How to Use Gym Elliptical Machines for Flat Abs & Firm Buttocks : Pro Workout Tips

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The gym elliptical machines are really great for both tightening your core and toning your hamstrings and glutes. Use gym elliptical machines for flat abs and a firm butt with help from an experienced fitness professional in this free video clip.

Expert: steve Hess
Filmmaker: Jeffrey Hunter

Series Description: If you want to work out like a professional, you’re going to have to focus on qualities like explosiveness and intensity. Get pro workout tips with help from an experienced fitness professional in this free video series.

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TheUnP0ssible says:

Are you drunk? XD Slurring like a mofucka

riley gagne says:

Great elliptical! >>>   Exactly what I wanted and as described. Provides a great workout while operating smoothly and quietly. My fiancé put it together in less than two hours by himself and we've been using it ever since!

Павел Романов says:

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Александр Фролов says:

Тоже люблю Лайф Фитнес, консультировался в магазине Зона Спорта про эти тренажеры. Там ребята очень информативно мне рассказали. В ближайшее время буду брать

johnny daniels says:

backwards for abs, forward for gluts

awsumocoolbeans says:

How the fuck u squeeze ur abs?

AdrianAlmostOlak says:

Nick Kroll does workout vids now?
lol jk

Yoshiko Roseboro says:

I am sure you can still buy handbook all info you need on Unflexal . Just google workouts.

Micky Zimmerman says:


M M says:

Great advice! Thank you! everyone else. shut the fuck up and just do the workout

Matthew Morris says:

are you making this at a hotel? yeah I'm not going to take work out advice from you

Respect Seasoning says:

yes good question are u going backwards?

jessica cisneros says:

are you going backwards?

Phan Van Van says:

The crucial factor to effectively build 6 pack abs is not how hard exercise routines you are taking, it is all about eating routine

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