How to Use Abdominal Machines

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Weight machine workout for abs and obliques. Learn exercises and stretches for your workout routine in this fitness video.

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Alejandra Santiago says:

I think I might have short arms for this because my elbows don’t really touch the pads –_– lol

emmahzification says:

What if my elbows cant reach the pads no matter where i hold

adarsh madavan says:

Worst machine

Phat Meow says:

Wow and i've seen peeps using this machine going down so low there faces are touching their thigh! I knew there was something wrong there but your video convinced me lol


how to buying me yeh machine link please

LollyD says:

I use this machine from time to time at the gym. It's awkward. It seems core would be isolated and engaged better without having to pull weight down with arms.

Abdul Rahman Mandozai says:

Can anyone tell me the best time for belly lose excersise

the learner boys says:

My elbow can't reach at the handles ..any suggestion for it

Homer Holler says:

It is not your stomach, fools say this

Jed George says:

Was looking for a professional clear-explanation video like this.

Gei hey says:

I did this and I didn't feel anything I need help!

Brb Weed says:

Aren't you supposed to contract with your legs and your abs??
No arms!!!

Mary Doherty says:

Thank you so much for an easy to understand tutorial!  God Bless 🙂

Bino Boi says:

how to use abdominal *machine

Sonya Mcquarter says:

Most helpful video so far for beginners!

Romaine Athey says:

just got instructions from Unflexal and I'm ready for the my training 😀

Ddz5585 says:

That old man behind her creepy

Rabih Moumne says:

this machine is usless because using hands pull down instead using ab to pull down, right?

trebor trahrebe says:

the guy working out behind her?…. you little body shaming clown. wait till you get older if you make it that long. that dude has courage . what do you got?

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