How to Strengthen Core Muscles with Cork Screw Exercises

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Leg circles and corkscrews work out the lower abs. Try these exercises and stretches for your workout routine in this fitness video.

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r k singh says:

Thanks for the proper technique.

The Nickolau says:

Thank You for a very detailed description of this practice.
Saw Your couple of other abdominal exercises – very helpfull!

Brad LeCompte says:

Okay but this doesn't show me when or where to take my perforce enhancing substances

Callee Hill says:

What if your hips pop and crack when you do this?

Deby Rumangun says:

Good instructor (y)

SuperBlessed29 says:

Good instructor. Love how to you made it so simple. 

Nicole Brandi says:

Started doing these about a month ago…seeing results and loving them!

kobemj23 says:

She is beautiful

Chet K says:

Hi, can I still do this if I have a lateral pelvic tilt?

zuckerkane says:

She is a great instructor, I love her videos.

Frank Collins says:

What is the importance of getting the breathing right. It's hard to concentrate on that while doing the exercise. If you're not up-tight while doing the exercise, you'll probably get it right anyway.

Frank Collins says:

She's a good looking woman. Crazy for a one off with her. It's because she's older. The whole authority thing, you know…

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