How to PROPERLY Cable Crunch to Shape Your Abs (How to Kneeling Cable Abdominal Crunch)

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We notice that the majority of people that attempt the cable crunch do it improperly.. In this video we go over a few common mistakes, talk about how to fix them and show you correct form. It would mean the world if you could share this video with someone that could use help perfecting this exercise. Please don’t forget to like and subscribe!

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Time Stamps-
Common Cable Crunch Mistakes:
1. (0:18)- Retraction of scapula
2. (0:55)- Trying to kiss the floor
3. (1:45)- Improper distance
Proper form: (2:06)

Fix your lat-pulldown form:
Shoulder press:
DB Bench press:
Face pull:
Lateral raise:
Close grip bench:
Seated Row:
Leg Press:
Glute Pull Through:
Barbell Row:
Front Squat:
Back Squat:
Hamstring Curl:
Chest Fly:

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Colossus Fitness says:

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Nickolas Gatica says:

Awesome vid! But the thumbnail is showing how you guys is the correct way to to the exercise yet it says don’t do this lol. Good info either way it’s reassuring when you find out you were doing the exercises correctly the whole time 😄

Bruno Farias says:

I feel nothing at all doing this. I’m 100% sure I’m doing something wrong but idk what

nairitya ganguly says:

Thanks a lot very useful tip !

vision3012 says:

Hey, thankyou for this video. Today I had tried this workout at gym but couldn't get the form, could not keep my hip knees legs at 90 degree angle, I couldn't get where I was going wrong. This tutorial comes right in time, will do it correctly in next ab session n will follow it throughout. Thank you.


Great vid👍

xrockerguy says:

Big thing with this movement is breath out and squeeze. You can't squeeze with a belly full of air. If you don't get that right you'll never master this one.

Jennifer Sutton says:

This was helpful! Always had questions about that exercise

Kwabena Boadu says:

Going to give it a try tomorrow. Thanks for making this

Mystery47 says:

Good Lord, you have that rare quality voice that usually finds its' way to Hollywood. Great tone and timbre. Check into voice over work or other media work. You could make a ton of money.

Muzzard Smash says:

3:54 weird flex but ok

Sami Ezzine says:

I did benefit from watching this video. it's pretty informative and helpful, cheers!

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