How to get SIX PACK ABS – The TRUTH

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Soda – Eighteen Pieces
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sven did the audio for this one.

Christian T. says:

Who else thinks that Sven should comment on more videos?

Peter Kjærgaard says:

Maybe the ThenX communerty Should match hvis video?!😀

HAU HAU says:

Amazing Video 😍

John Richards says:

Thank you for posting.

Stone Luiki says:

I like these guys. Very professional.

Sujit Jagat says:


Abhishek Verma says:

Thanks for making such a great video guys. Cleared all my doubts in just 3 mins! Thanks again

Peter Zejda Fitness says:

Human hair or nails keep growing after you die.

V R says:

It’s percentage. Not percantage

Kungfu Master says:

Thats real. Im in support with u


Thanks! I am a teenager. does having six pack affect my height?

zeus 7 says:

Thank god i found this channel

Alvin Trinidad says:

Wow great videos.. I can say that your vids has the less dislikes vids I have evr seen in utube. Great Job.. Hope to see more! Like if u agree!

Dangerous PrankstersTV says:

Go kys can you put more hardest

Daisy Skye says:

Then answer is need bodyfat % low?

roddy register says:

I was able to get a six pack pretty easily, because iv always been skinny, but could never get that extra fat off mah belly. Then I stated calisthenics, and it all kinda just… fell off. I can see how it'd be hard for someone who has a lot of belly fat, or not as high metabolism.

J J Aswin says:

Then what does rope jump does ,it reduces our chest,arms,etc

Om Bisht says: my body transformation

JD X says:

Ich finde es schade das du viel zu sehr darauf fokussiert bist was man nicht machen sollte anstatt wirklich zu zeigen wie man es macht.
Das war wirklich extrem vereinfacht. Gut waere gewesen darauf hinzuweisen das man viel bessere Ergebnisse bekommt wenn man sich geziehlt ernaehrt und das mit einem numerischen Beispiel zu untermauern, z.B. wenn jemand 2000kcal verbrauch hat, was genau diese person essen muesste um einen sixpack zu bekommen. Und die passenden uebungen dafuer, genauso wie die intensitaet(2x/tag, 1x/tag, 1x/woche, etc…) wo man genau weiss was zuviel und was zu wenig ist waere in meinen Augen besser gewesen.
Ansonsten finde ich eure Arbeit super und werde euch auch weiterhin verfolgen.

Daniel Iliev says:

gotta "Lyuus de FET"

KohFee says:

Instead of having 6 I got 7 pack abs, weird genetics.

polo laurent says:

How to lose bodyfat in abs exactly please

Angela Kinkingnehun says:

Finallly somebody says the truth about abs .Thank you very much

ITler says:

Hi there. Thanks for your videos. Great work! What I am wondering about: How can you build more muscles while eating less calories…how do you guys do that?

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