How to Get SIX PACK ABS! (SUMMER? Why not Lifetime?!) Lower Abs Training.

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Struggling with a 4 pack but wan’t a 6 pack?
Trying to get the lower abs to show through?
Wondering about the perfect training plan for 6 pack abs?
Unsure on how to shape yourself up for the summer?
I try to answer many things in this video, namely, how to shape up your abs and how to train them. This video is a LOT more basic than the previous one I filmed 1 year ago, so if the exercises seem to easy for you, feel free to try out new ones 🙂

Top 3 Exercises for Abs:


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WithPeaceBe says:

No homo but this guy is very handsome.

Danny Del Collo says:

takes off shirt
"viewer discretion advised" lmao

Oversharegamer says:

the answer is simple. Just be under 40yrs old and workout.

95Geli says:

Thats the most wholesome workout video ive ever seen. and no less useful either

djrezzio says:

Your cool af dude!!

Yahyia Freecs says:

Bro your a gift

Ye Ya says:

thats kinda wrong, biceps, as its said in its name, has two heads, inner and outer. You can aim your excercise to work either of them. But abs have 4 heads on each side and its not complete bullshit to say you work out the lower and the upper heads in different excercise differently.

Droid1058 says:

Definitely a baby maker 3:15 !

Greg1928ory says:

Actually yes you can work upper and lower abs, if your arm bone was flexible you could work upper and lower bicep too

Greg1928ory says:

Do people actually listen to this dunce

Pocho 45 says:

I know this video is 4 years old, but thanks for the vid, you have helped me out a lot this year, happy new year

Khaled Sabry says:

You aren`t a trainer or a coach you are a great man…I `ve learned a lot from you…Thank you so much.

Dr. Von’s Life Investing says:

Thanks you sir, God bless

Alex Oniate says:

Quality Christian Content


That's ridiculous !!!

Christopher Vrvilo says:

There's four different muscles in your core and it's totally possible to isolate certain muscles (to a large extent) depending on the exercises you perform.

Kiss Domi says:

you have really good genetics and i think i may seem stupid to you but im more about looking good and healthy than being strong and actually healthy …. if you went down with your bodyfat you would look insane ( also in amazing shape now..) , but as i see myself i think the only way for me to look aesthetic and shredded and to have a really good v shape … so the only way for me is a strict diet with a good workout routine … and yep testosteron… cause im ectomorph i'll never look good enough without a low dose of supp not dianabol u know but some testosteron …. what do you think about that if i stop using it as i turn 30-35 i can still live long i think cause im not overtakin it … what do u think about what i've said ? because i dont have motivation for going natural wrking my ass of and after 3 years just looking like a normal mesomorph sporty guy …. fuk, let me know what u think pls 😉 (sry for my eng)

Lawrence says says:

I believe the ab workouts you are showing us are effective because you have great abs. Thanks bro.

George Grenfell says:

you seem like a great guy man, thanks for the advice and I hope all is well! 🙂

Phresh says:

this man is Dr. Phil/ Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ivan Gonzalez says:

Anyone know what's his height and weight?

SkaterLauro says:

This man looks a lot like drake from drake and josh

Burç Gürel says:

you are a real man for 3:033:12

Kitty WR says:

I hope this guy’s channel gets even bigger!

Kitty WR says:

2:58 Real talk! I get Conor Murphy is all popular and shit, but man I hope guys like you get more viral! Fortress you rock man! Keep doing what you do bro!

Matt C. says:

I like your shirt

Fabi_ streetworkout says:

Does he have gyno?

kuntal bose says:

Ple dite plan

Awat Khalid says:

had to subscribe to you, you are so genuine , i love your videos, simplistic and very informative keep it up beast!!

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