How to get Six Pack ABS in 1 Week (Men & Women) | 3 Easy Exercise

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Concern about your belly fat, and want it gone fast? Here’re few tips for the best way to lose belly fat in 1 week

In this video i’m teach you the 3 best exercise for 6 six pack abs you can get in 1 week.

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Pan x says:

one week….who believe in this crapo shit

Kalsang Dolma says:

Can 13 year boy can do it

Om Nishad says:

Matlab kuch bhi 1 week mea 6 pack abs

Nitesh Rajput says:

7 din likha h yha

Zeeshan Ahmed says:

Bhai Tu exposed hai tere steroids walee vedio bi available hai

Kermit Da frog says:

My ad was literally about working out

New Vip says:

1 week not possible 6 pack …fake

Anmol Singh says:

Sir pls tell me how and when to use fat burner supplement? Animal cuts

Itmam Rashid Mahi says:

first u make 6 pack then come to teach us.. u have 4 pack abs which is also not tht much visible and in 1 week? get the fuck… . if ur body fat percentage is 10.. then by losing 1% in a week u can make 6 pack abs… 9% body fat is required for 6 pack abs… . average body percentage of indians are 20% nd in every week one can lose 0.5% bfp… so for 6 pack abs, one need to follow good nutrition nd exercise for 22 weeks… this is for average people only… there are many people who also have 30% bfp, they are super obese… nd again there are people with 15% bfp… .

Jharkhond Disom Hero Koda says:

Very good video sir

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