How To Get Six Pack Abs Fast (Complete Walk Through)

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Lala Sarxanova says:

helped so much thanks

Mike kopcha says:

What shoes are those?

Arthur Shera says:

Great videos brother, just wondering where do you go to college

S T O R M says:

i havent even started working out and im already tired from watching this… ugh let me get my life together lol.

The Lifting Dermatologist says:

New Belgian Subscriber Please return the favor by subbing back to my fitness channel💪🏻

Skielo says:

Music sometimes a bit too loud at the explanations but very good video all in all

Fitness Lyam says:

Nice workout dude. Some of these exercises were from Fitness Addict's video.

Gabe Carroll says:

Yo I been telling my friends about you to so get ready for more subs💪💪

Gabe Carroll says:

Yo nice workout man I got a 4 pack but I been waiting on a good overall workout to get my last 2 abs in this will help for sure

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