How To Get Six Pack Abs At Home [Simple Exercises]

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If you’re looking for a simple home routine you can do to get the famous “six pack” abs then this is the program you should be doing!

Contains simple exercises you can do in your free time, to tone your Abs muscles and get them well-defined.

Please follow this workout with the same speed as the trainer, and don’t rush ahead.

Also, remember you need to exercise 5-6 days per week for 3-4 weeks to get good results and take pictures with your abdominal lines 🙂

Do this workout and leave a comment below the video, tell me if you were able to finish the entire training!

Also make sure to subscribe and receive video workouts regularly: every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

Good luck and let’s get the party started! ❤ī¸đŸ’Ē

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RabiaDIY says:

Ooommmmmggggg!!!!love it follow me on instagram @imrabiaatlaswala account is private but I do confirm ur request

ā¸ˆā¸ąā¸™ā¸—ā¸ŖāšŒā¸—ā¸´ā¸žā¸ĸāšŒ āš€ā¸§ā¸ĩā¸ĸā¸‡ā¸Ēā¸´ā¸Ąā¸˛ says:

Hi.thank you for this.i like so much wow!

Rose Simonetti says:

Would like if you could get an exercise for fat backs and under arm fat

Eagle says:

Which one should I do this video or the 30 abs challenge video?

Mustafa Al Hamdany says:

finshed the workout I'm very happy I feel my body become lighter than befor thank you

Hala Hala says:

How many time should to do this in a day

Glassy Shaanika says:

Thank you so much, im actually feeling the pain. which is a great thing.

Breanna Strange says:

this is good but it was lagging in some of it.

Premlata Jain says:

Plz some exercises for them who surfers from breast sagging 🙇

Claudia M says:

Thank you 🙂! I will start Today.. tonight..

Surabhi Kolhe says:

HI mam good morning. can you please tell me how to reduce Face fat. thanks for the vedio

Tania Farr says:


Iris says:

Love it 😍 thank ❤ī¸đŸ’•âŖī¸đŸ‘đŸ‘

Iris says:

Love it 😍 thank ❤ī¸đŸ’•âŖī¸đŸ‘đŸ‘

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