HOW TO GET A SIXPACK ROUTINE (Beginners)! – Bar Brothers Netherlands

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This week a beginner sixpack routine!
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Bar Brothers Salute!

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David GameZ says:

Like wie fortnite kent

Attack live says:

Can I use the wonder core for the sit ups

Milon Kumar Das says:

Read Bar brothers review on my blog before you buy. Go to jasonreviews. com/bar-brothers-review/ Thanks. Angelo.

Show Cat says:

The music is too distracting. All we need is information, not mood.

Robo Pales says:

How many days did it take to have bars

Alex Jdjdhd says:

It works i did this routine for about 1 months and I got an six pack

raw foods recipes says:

Bar Brothers workout. Tutorial by the bar brothers. How to correctly perform a dip and variations. Link to movement video and 12 week program>[ ] >



Denett Macon says:

even though its a 6 pack video

Denett Macon says:

im only 12 but do you have any advice for me on #calisthenics ?

Jan Pawlacz 2 says:

Are you from Rotterdam? I'll be there on holidays and I wanna go to training with you hehe

Determinator 789 says:

How long to do this before i get my abs ?

Christopher Melvin says:

Outstanding, I like it. Thanks for pointing out and reminding us to squeeze at the crucial moment.

Hessel Van Til says:

how many times a week can you do this?

Lim Kilau says:

when I squeeze on every reps. it hurts like hell! I never know you need to squeeze on plank,thank you man!

mr_pain02 says:

Can I add one exercise for the side abs? Or is it not needed?

NuKeY says:

Elke keer waneer ik crunches probeer krijg ik erge last van men onder rug weet iemand daar een oplossing voor?

Viral 91 says:

24hrs nonstop train hard

Febry Ponamon says:

how to get complite nutrition for routine? to respect my practice…

João says:

thank you man thats perfect….

Antonio iglesias says:

what is that beat. sick as hell!!!!!

Matthew Chittam says:

Would it be alright to workout with weights 5 times a week and do these workouts on the off days and get good somewhat healthy results? i eat very healthy and i am active.. I am 205 lbs and 6'2!

Oscar Nouwens says:

Echt super goede tips ik heb dikke sixpack nu. Maar willen jullie misschien soms ook nederlandse vids maken

thedutchman says:

YOour accent is fucking boss lol

Arne Leman says:

kga misschien met een vriend hieraan beginnen

Mona Harris says:

this is my favorite an vid now

Timothy Morais says:

Is het niet belangrijk ook de zij-buikspieren te trainen? groetjes Tim

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