How to get a six pack in 3minutes Workout Your Abs For The Summer (Abs, Core)

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Here I will give you a 3 minute workout that will give you a six pack. Having strong abs (core) will help you jump higher, run faster, and do all the things you want to do that much better. Maybe you want to put that bathing suit on, or maybe you want to go to the pool. Get your 6 pack by working this program to the T. If you need any other help feel free by sending me a message, and I will do my best to get it done for you.

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Romana Merlene says:

Go to Unflexal page if you want to learn much more about workouts.

jukca , says:

thanks man work work it

Kasam says:

Will it still work of you have a bit of belly fat, not alot and how long will it take to have a good 6 pack?

Darude Sandstorm says:

i did this 5 times a day with 10 min intervals and i got a good six pack in 5 days, i was already in pretty good shape before and was 12 stone at 6ft 3 but it works really well

Darude Sandstorm says:

sit ups and crunches are different. when doing sit ups you should have your feet down but your head should touch your knees

Emily Ortiz says:

I was doing this in my room and my mom walked in like tf you doing and I was like working out and she laughed and walked away.. Life stories lmao

Goku Gohan says:

Why do we have to do this workout every other day?

CodAddict2003 says:

I've did it for 1 main my stompc is getting hard

kdot465 says:

Is it normal that my leg muscles hurt when I do the scissor kicks and flutter kicks? Mainly quads

Tom mcgovern says:

Great video and advice , thanks for the tips

Zora Jenny says:

Does it actually work? I really want a six pack! How many times do u do that every other day? Like for a month or something? Btw amazing video!

Online Fitness Coach says:

What's up guys.. Back in effect with some killer 6 pack workouts at home.

Stay tuned .

sRinfinity6969 says:

how long does it take??

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