How To Get A Six Pack In 3 Minutes For A Kid And Teens (WORKS 100%)

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This SIX PACK Workout will blow your mind out guys it change my life so am sure it will change yours.


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Evil Pendragon says:

Do u have to contract ur and doing this? Answer would be appreciated

resh kevin says:

Shut up and do the workout haters! Your shit is real Tyrone
Doing this one tonight ๐Ÿ‘

RR Organization says:

Click bait…. Got abs in 2 mins and 59 seconds :V

Jay Rev says:

Wow….lots of fat bastards in the comment section that are unable to get shredded awww you pathetic losers ๐Ÿคฃ

Josh Franklin says:

Hahahahahah Alan was right , I just lost a few IQ points. Just don't follow his cooking and meal preparing

negan and Lucille says:

Should you rest while doing this and if so how long for
P. S. You are epid and like you say a shredded mother fucker

SofaKingCool โ„ข says:

6 min 12 pack

JTL1722 says:

You the goat, my guy. Keep it up ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿผ

Marc Ramirez says:

To really train your abdominal muscles to get a good six pack would have to be for at least 6 minutes a day for 6 days per week. To get nice and healthy abs I would say 4 times a week would be good. Sorry man. Sure your "shredded" but I feel your a beginner. You get tired real quick, it could be because of the amount of cardio you don't do. I'm telling you straight up. Eventually your lungs are going to give out with all that weight on you, if you don't start doing cardio. Oh and results do lie, often times. Seems like a good technique tho.

isha canoy says:

I like your shit tyrone ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช

thaglacierboy says:

He says its not easy but then he titles the video abs in 3 min???WTF

stevey wevey says:

Your t shirt should say. Escaped retard.

stevey wevey says:

Biggest fucking retard on youtube. Ladies and gentlemen I give you Tyrone. Brains shredded like a motha fucka

Eshwar tangirala says:

You are so dumb you dont even realize how funny you turn out to be, its like this whole thing is an act.

baba booey says:

โ€œTRUST ME!โ€

Dan Mercer says:

U are a moron. Just like Mr Allen Roberts says…

Adam Alfred says:

Dude is solid ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Daniel Riley Carter says:

With all do respect (no hate too) but I'll just stick with THE JEFF CAVALIERS Six Pack Promise app, oh & just in case people don't know(which would be stupid because it's logic), you need to burn off your belly fat first or you'll never see your abs

Daniel Riley Carter says:

I'm sorry……what? Six pack in 3 minutes what?

pranu335 says:

My dog's IQ is more than this idiot.

Nelson Thangjam says:

Can a person have big muscles without using steroid just like a bodybuilder

Nelson Thangjam says:

Did u use steroid?? Please share something about steroid

Andreas Johansen says:

Terrible workout. Crunches are possibly the most ineffective ab-exercise you can do.

Milan Vuletic says:

hey man, I was just put into the special education class at my school, I really wanna get into lifting and looking like you but I just dont think im smart enough. Can you tell me how you overcame your learning disability to go to the gym everyday?

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