How To Get A Six Pack – Abs Workout for Athletes

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How to get a six pack: basically it’s two steps:
1. Lose body fat, try to push it definitely below 10% bf.
Around 8% or so is where you get to see legitimate six pack abs.
Optimize digestion for optimal leanness:

2. Build up your abdominals.

But the first step to a ripped six pack is weight control, weight loss iow, burning fat. You heard it before: everybody has a washboard abs, but many are simply hiding it…under a layer of fat.
So drop the lard first.

Here a quick summary of effective weight loss tips:
Extend the overnight fast by cutting out calories 4 hours before bed and postponing your breakfast by some 3 hours or so.

Do some IM (intermittent fasting)
16-24 hours do the trick nicely

Count calories
Yes it’s true: calories count! 🙂 At the end of the day, it’s calories in vs calories out every time. So find out your daily maintenance and then go below that, preferably later in the day on average.
OR JUST SIMPLY GO HIGH CARB LOW FAT, and the body fat levels will drop of their own accord.

OK now to what we’ve all been waiting for… the actual abs training:
There’s many good routines, and many different ways to build up a nice chiseled mid section.

General guidelines would be to train them either on a separate day, or after a lower body workout. Usually the time under tension per set is kept rather low, like no more than 40 seconds.
It’s OK to go higher sometimes, to hit all the different fibers. Generally speaking, you want to alternate between heavy, shorter sets and lighter, higher volume/rep sets.

So one week or month (for one phase) you might do Abs Levers (Dragon Flags) for 6 reps or so, then next cycle you could do 25 reps or more per set for ordinary crunches, then in the third phase maybe do some eccentric emphasis abs work.

As you can see, all of these exercises can quite easily be turned into an abs workout at home.

So the fastest way to get a six pack is to combine these two: weight loss and a good six pack training routine.

Have Fun now and don’t forget to leave a comment if you have any, or if there’s questions don’t be shy, go right ahead and ask, I will probably answer you directly! 😉


The 2nd part of the six pack training series, Abs Levers (Dragon Flags), THE toughest Body Weight Abs exercise on the planet!…Right here:

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Borys Fomichev says:

Good to see that the Unflexal includes new training instructions to build my body perfectly.

Borys Fomichev says:

Nice movie. However you can learn about workouts more. Just google for Unflexal instructions.

Mark Kislich says:

Garhammer Raises (John Garhammer)

Mark Kislich says:

🙂 Thanks!

Mark Kislich says:

Breath out on the concentric (up) 🙂

Mark Kislich says:

Thanks Dude, it is! 🙂
Have you checked the Abs Lever aka Dragon Flag in How To Get A Six Pack 2?

That one's REAL hard, LOL! 🙂
Sore like a mother…

xxxchrist1 says:

Great stuff Mark, well done, that tri-set looks like a real killer.

Mark Kislich says:

Yeah breathe out on the concentric (lifting phase), breathe in on the eccentric (lowering rep portion). General rule. 🙂

XweienX says:

what about breathing? got instructions on that? thx

Relative Strength Advantage says:

Mark, what is the name of the 2nd exercise. Can't hear it's name… (not the crunches and the leg raises – the other one)

Mark Kislich says:

I don't get it, how do you do that … would be funny though, LoL! 😉


Mark Kislich says:

Thanks for the compliment! 😉 Any Q's, please lemme know, no prob!


verti go says:

wow nice exercises.. felt the burn.. nice video.

Mark Kislich says:

Great, my pleasure! 😉
Have a Good One!


Mark Kislich says:

Not a problem, YOU're welcome man! 😉

With that name? Definitely!

Please let me know when there's anything you need …


Oh Long Johnson says:

@TSMethod yeah thats what i was planning to do. thanks for the tips and the help man :D!

Mark Kislich says:

OK, so you found out my alter ego … please keep it confidential, as we must not allow any bystanders to suffer …


SogMosee says:


Mark Kislich says:

Do you mean the Abs 5 x a week?
That would actually be too much, it's more like 2-3 times per week tops you know?

But if you mean 5 workouts total per week, that's alright.

Just do the Abs twice, like Monday and Thursday for example.

To your training success! 😉


Mark Kislich says:

Yeah sure, you can just do the crunches first until you get stronger, then move into the tri-set! 😉

If the crunches are a problem, you could hold your arms by the side, like at your butt 🙂

That makes it much easier!

Good Luck and please lemme know how it goes!


Oh Long Johnson says:

is it okay since I only workout 5 days a week? since i dont have a gym membership so i usually go to the really nice gym at my highschool.

eclecticderby says:

i cant even do a set haha i am too weak. Any exercise regirm for those really unfit trying to get basic exercise started?

Mark Kislich says:

Totally welcome! 😉
Please let me know if there's any questions. Here's a video for more workouts at home:
Some Effective Exercises for Home Body Weight Workouts (on my list of videos)

Have Fun!

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