How To Get a Six Pack Abs In 4 weeks

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You have to do this six pack workout daily if you want results and feel free and ask any question.

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Young Lion says:

What's poppin. You two bit a boy, Tyrone.

J M says:

Americans wearing shoes indoors is weird

Gary says:

can we get lower abs muscles? how do we achieve that?

Ashante Jones says:

Tyrone stay shredded as mofo

john Marston says:

Does too much cardio ruin abs

I.M.A.N.I. Tv says:

Very Genuine and Original. Not Flashy. Short Rest periods. I Like This.

Matar Diop says:

Thanks a lot man you really give me a lesson I did it & I like it cause I was feeling it

Nivaz Manandhar says:

hey african clown wass up

Jawid Sukoot says:

you are great trainer

N1ghtShad0w55 says:

I'll start this today! I'll edit it back to tell you guys if u saw results. 12-20-18

OTS Lilree says:

So I’m new and I’m starting out today but I wanted to know what are the workouts called?


I’m trying to run a faster 5k so I’m now looking at shredding the belly fat .. thank you for sharing this- I’m looking forward to trying this workout before and after every run from here on out – 👍

Shaun Hunter says:

What kind of Protein u recommend?

Atuman Diagne says:

God job bro

Kanya Momof3 says:

Currently on a AB Journey. Thank you for this I will incorporate these workouts. I’m a youtuber as well documenting the Journey. Root for me thanks and just sub

WeezyFDiamond says:

Hi Fitness addict can I ask you a question what type of workout or exercise should I do because I am 16 and I want to get a a six pack

Nando Juarez says:

Can I do 2 sets of 15 reps

I'm Nike says:

I've gotten to the point I've been doing 50 reps instead of 15 of everything and it does work. I've been starting to get my first 2 rows of abs to form after a few weeks.

Deano Hendfield says:

Does this actually work? I did this but my abs isn’t as annihilated as I thought they would be

Byrd'z Journey says:

Challenge is on day one of 28 days, video saved. Thanks for sharing.

Ashley lewis says:

You creasing those jordans!!

Rafik Shaikh says:

Need to shaving ur under arms 😆

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