How To Get A Six Pack | 3 Key Exercises | The Lost Breed

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1) Hanging Leg Raise x 3-4 Sets 10-20 Reps
2) Stability Ball Leg Raise x 3-4 Sets 10-20 Reps
3) Alternating Plank x 3 Sets 30 Seconds – 1 Minute

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Tahir Dikmen says:

JOOOOSH u r the best

Manish Sain says:

hlo bro increes my hight so made a one vidio increes hight

Biikiiniii says:

All you have to do to look good.. Is get a tan.
You're welcome.

TheNicholasWayne says:

Btw these also work out your hips, just pointing it out… probably a good idea to try and mentally isolate the abs while doing them.

Lauris Rodionovs says:

Great video, Josh!

Moblie Kxngs says:

What shoes are you wearing

Nate Daugherty says:

The only way to get a six pack is proper nutrition…. that's it

Charon Dorrance says:

If you`d like to acquire 6 pack abs then you must try this abs guide β€œsuza great plan” (Google it). To put it briefly, if you`d like to look great (and I`m sure, feel good as well!) have this book. I have only begun to apply the wisdom within and yes, there is some work involved.

synocat says:

can i do the ball raise thing with a basketball if i dont have a stability ball

Paul savage says:

cool workout man ill let ya know how i get on

Matthew Thomas says:

2nd exercise is hard but ill keep goin at it tho

Reaction Life 21 says:

Last one it's works I tried it it's works thank for abs workout

Reaction Life 21 says:

Last one it's works I tried it it's works

Osmar Vega says:

Is it a daily workout?

Kismat Gurung says:

Can you guys please show us some explosive workout for legs or for whole body we can do in beach?

seth s says:

what if you can't get to a gym what are some improvise work outs

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