"How to Get a Flat Stomach for Teenage Girls"

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Workout breakdown: 50 sec work, 10 seconds rest ; 13 rounds

1)Prisoner squat

2)10 High knees, 10 Mountain climbers

3)2 Plank hops, 2 Reptiles

3)Walk into plank, 2 commando pushups

5)Pike abs

6)5 star abs, 5 Jacks

7)Knee in abs

8)Oblique burpee, 5 jacks

9)Superman Abs

10)Jog with arm reaches

11)Side plank toe touches (right)


13)Side plank toe touches (left)

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Lexie Vasquez says:

i’m very upset with my stomach, i cry because all i want is a flat stomach, im beginning to diet with low carbs and working out everyday. i just started watching this and if anyone wants to know how it’s going (i’ll be honest) just comment. feel free to comment motivational comments as well:) have a great day/night.

Lexie Vasquez says:

1:52 for the impatient people like me 🙂

2CreativeSisters says:

love how shes trying to explain as shes panting and basically dying lmao. "Next we breath have to deep gasp do a breath plank."

Ally KIM [09T2] says:

shes panting way too hard

Hail_The_Hale says:

Thank you, every video I try to find to get Abs, always shows this person telling how they got it, thats only like a minute long. You went by showing what you did, How long, how often, how to do it, So Thank you So Much. What app do you use for the timer?

I Lov3 Rap mon says:

It’d helpif I saw the rest of you😂

Izzy Rossi says:

Me: Does 10 jumping jacks

Alright that’s my workout for the month

Yoselin Razo says:

I watch this as if I’m going to do this

Dixie DJB says:

does this work

Noel D,souza says:

Could you make some more vedios like "how to get rid of armpit fats… And also how to get rid of arm fat…… It would be better for me i guess…….

Fanta says:

Reading the comments… teenagers are so mean lol

Abby 5 says:

I am 13 and i really want to get a flat stomach so i can be confident wearing a bikini, i have a low metabolism so will this workout really work on me?

Katrina Siefken says:

Thank you so much for making this! I only started this about 2-3 weeks ago and I’m already noticing change. My thighs have slimmed down a little and my stomach is a little more flat, and I haven’t changed my diet at all except for eating more fiber and protein.

Tanina20 Ben medjber says:

I'm confused so please help me
I'm 14 years old 1 and 45 meters and 40 kg
Am I fat? My stomach is always puffed but I got a lot of gazes
So is it puffed because of the gazes or I'm just fat
And I tried this exercise for 4 days and other ones to
but nothing changed
Pleese tell me what is wrong with me???

Nadeem Buksh says:

Can you please tell me your height

Ame Sen says:

my favourite workout for years

pinterest inspired says:

Is this the whole workout for this type of body?

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