How to get 6 Pack Abs!!!

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How to get six pack abs. This video will teach you the proper way to train your abs from every angle and explain why. Learn how to train your abs, how to train your obliques aka love handles, and also the best/worst exercises for abs. What are your favorite ab exercises?

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Kelly Brown GetFitWithKB says:


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albert hallbert says:

best way to get six pack abs: genetics, not eating shit and staying in a calorie deficit. no need for some funky hunky instagram workouts.

FIGHT TIME prod. says:

great physique and advice, man!

Mylogify says:

Thank god finally a natural bodybuilder. So sick of other channels

Yusuf Paiman says:

You're the future of fitness industry. Btw, please do more videos!!!

Mav Mag says:

Keep making great videos man

BetoP says:

Fine af 💦 I need some chocolate in my life.

DDT Official says:

My favourite abs excercise is the weighted supine hollow press

xXMx_G4MINGXx says:

Bro my physique is like yours but in a smaller scale, is that good for an fit 16 year old? Also my waist is pretty small is like 28-29 am building my obliques because I went through a massive cut to lose body fat.196lbs now 142.6 lbs and I have lose skin.I find that growing my obliques might be the only way to remove or stretch that excess skin.Is that good?

Kat Long says:

I said it once and I’ll say it again. You are perfect!!!!

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