How To Get 6-Pack Abs | With Or Without Equipment

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In this video I discuss the two different ab training workouts that I like to perform when I have accessible equipment or when I have no equipment at all! Each one of these workouts will take you about 15 minutes to complete.

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Nick Bare says:

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Equanox214 says:

lol i use the ab ripper technique too! P90x rocked when it came out

Adrian Gomez says:

How many times a week is it safe to do it

Anna says:

I’m not going to able to laugh or sneeze the next day if I do this lmao

hicelee11 says:

1-5 CAV Blackknights

Riian Paul says:

I’m about to have a knee surgery and haven’t been able to do any cardio for the past 3 months after my surgery I can’t run for 6 weeks after that time is up how much cardio should I do should I do every day. And I’m transitioning from weight training to calisthenics

sheldin venus says:

Real life captain America

Jbird says:

Notice coffee is a big part of your routine, (and naturally caffeine). Could you make a video on caffeine consumption and how it plays into your daily routines? I ask because it seems like your lifestyle is constantly on the go. Thanks in advance.

Teagan Melin says:

When are you going to pick up the crossfit again?

ToxicTerminator says:

Why are you part of the pussboi platoon 🙁

Kelsea Wyrebek says:

Anyone know what the name of the song in this is?


What happened to that Asian dude that used to do 5 minute abs on YouTube? 😂 My theory is he is reincarnated in to nick bare.

Happy Birthday says:

Anyone whose ever lived in a military style environment just knows how to shred their abs especially without equipment in like 5 min.

Carlos Lamadrid says:

Thanks for the help

Nicolas says:

You’re definitely a tank

TheQNEandQNLY says:

Not gonna lie, expected the no weights routine to be easy but it was most definitely not easy…especially that last exercise lol

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