How to Do a Leg Raise | Ab Workout

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Now I’m going to demonstrate how to do a leg raise. You’re going to lie down. For us, we’re going to put our hands behind the lower back or slightly underneath near the gluts. It gives support for the lower back. This exercise, primarily you’re targeting the lower abdominals, so it puts a little bit more stress in the lower back if you don’t have a strong core.

Keep your knees slightly bent. Come down. The lower you bring your legs to the floor, obviously the more resistance it’s going to cause in the lower abdominals. You could start here and just come straight up. Down slow. Again. Come up faster as you go down. Your negatives are always a little slower than your positives. Exhale on the positive. Down slow. Remember, knees bent. If you start to feel a little bit of strain in the lower back that will take off some of the pressure in the lower back. Do high repetitions. Try to do about 15 to 20 repetitions. That’s how you do a leg raise.

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I heard this helps prevent inguinal hernia, so I started doing these a lot.

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Why is this for men? Does it “not work” for women?

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Wonderful technique sir, putting my hands beneath my bum takes the strain off my lower back.

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This is too hard😥😥😥

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Can you lose belly fat by doing abs exercises or do you need different exercises??

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I have to do 60 of these on hard plan 30 day workout app

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Why do I feel pain in my belly?

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Bela explicação

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Hi Sir am 24yrs old my weight is 64 I want to reduce my weight as 55+ so which diet I want to maintain And what exercise I want to do….. Plz di reply me

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But How Much Olive Oil to Put ?????

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Who finds it hard after 2 lifts. Like and comment if yes

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How many days should I do the ABS beginner

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My back is hurt after doing this

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6 abs <3

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What Do You Mean By resistance

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