How to Do a Crunch | Ab Workout

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Hi, I’m James Rizzo. And I’m going to introduce you to how to do a proper crunch.

What we’re going to start with is our hands behind our head. We’re going to lie back, with our legs 90 degree angle, okay? Feet flat on the floor. It’s not a lot of movement in this, but it’s very effective. So I’m going to just keep my hands lightly on the back of my head so I’m not pulling on my neck when I come up. And I want to exhale, hold that position for about a one or two count, lower back down to the floor. Okay? Once again, don’t stay long at the floor. Come right back up, hold that position, and exhale. So exhale as you start to come up, holding that crunch for about a one or two count, come back down. Like I said, don’t rest on the floor. But while you keep the resistance on that abdominal region. It’s not a lot of movement, as you can see. But it’s very effective.

So you’re targeting right now the upper abdominals. Okay? Also notice I keep my chin high, so I’m not leaning down and straining my neck. You just want to keep your chin neutral. Kind of pick a spot right above eye level and stare at it. All the same time, performing the crunch. Make sure you’re breathing. Also very important.

A lot of things to remember, but if you do it properly, you’ll feel it in the right spot. Right in the upper abdominals.

That’s the proper form of how to do a crunch.

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Malachi Crater says:

Legit thought it was Marco Rubio in the thumbnail

DatranBoy In Games says:

Hì Im in 2018 ANd im on June 9

Benz Runar T. Sanico says:

don't skip Leg Day bro,

Adam C. says:

What about inhaling when you go down?? That's a big part of "proper breathing" he was talking about!

Borys Kerchu says:

This time I'll use Unflexal instructions to learn about workouts more 🙂

This Charming LoveHound says:

People saying about skipping leg day are ignorant. His quads and hamstring are buff, it's his ankles that are skinny which he can't do anything about and calves are hard to add mass to.. not his fault.

martin zavala says:

He gave some great advice and I felt the burn after a few reps but

Bro I'm 15 and my legs are more muscular than his

ihatechrisnichol says:

"90 degrees"

brony boy 1998 says:

Somepony left there used toothpick on the floor.

Zeljko Vrdoljak says:

He skipped leg day OMG

RachelR says:

When i do these kind of crunches it really hurts my neck because i cant ( apperantly) relax those neck/ throat muscles..
Any tips on how to prevent those neck problems????

Tee Capo says:

"Make sure you're breathing" oh you don't say

Ankit Sharma says:

only crunches make my abs

Dark Caesar says:

He has the upper body of a bodybuilder and the lower body of a sprinter.

lornexzubko says:

"90 degree angle"

Limwanya Simasiku says:

restudy ur trigometry that aint 90 degrees

Crazy Sarah says:

you are looking like Roland Kickinger

Tasmeh Rahman says:

can't get my shoulder blades off the ground while performing crunches can anyone help me? any help will be greatly appreciated.

byLycan says:

and kids this is why u shouldn't skip leg day…

Harambe The gorilla says:

why u skip leg day

Badder9 says:

LOL why he shaved his body????

Jake Lingard says:

Just me screaming more about how his legs are literally two different colours rather than how skinny they are

Vaggos M. says:

God, 90% (more actually) are about his chicken legs. What the Heck, I can't even see any legs, what are you talking about?

Harry M says:

When you trip for a second thinking a ripped body is just carrying a head up and down – it can't be unseen.

jay masters says:

how does he not snap those chicken ankles lol.

Remo Yuji says:

chicken expert

Charlotte Harley says:

oh my god. i'm a writer doing research and this is a terrifying side of youtube i've never been to before. i mean, i'm jealous of those legs and everyone keeps screaming about leg day in the comments. dear lord. help.

Crazy Villarruel says:

hahaha yeah Right! with em chicken little legs hahaha!

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