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Running not only works out the core, it requires the core to work.
It’s the quickest way to get a six pack as long as you run correctly. But it has to be correctly. Find out what correct running is, how you can practice it and what’s really going on underneath the surface that is central to good locomotion.

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BeadAisha Jewelry says:

AHAHHAHA final destination reference ahahahah great video

Skye Viper says:

Im dissapointed essop. Not everyone can get a six pack. It is a genetic trait. Some have less than 6 others more.

Free Camp says:

Haha 😆 you need more likes

siva 9337 says:

this guy is good at making videos interesting

kwame twumasi says:

when I sprint I move Side to side what can I do to help me run straight. please help

Ricky Sewell says:

You seem like a really smart guy. I was wondering, what if I ran a lot but not with perfect form, would it still benefit my core even slightly?

ItsMeHammie says:

Can confirm. I run a lot and have 6 pack.

Mikulwuzhere says:

this channel is hidden gold

Feras Boulala says:

Jesus Christ, this channel is pure gold. I don't wish you more subs because I know eventually, it will turn like all the other channels: filler and filler.

Keep up the good work man.

Vaalferatus says:

Wow, nice videos Essop. Can I ask you to make a video about how to get quicker in sprints? I play football (soccer) and I want to have that explossive sprints that some players have.

TakeTheRedPill says:

Hi Essop, I'd like to start by saying I greatly enjoy and appreciate your videos. Is keeping your core flexed during runs beneficial to the exercise? Also, what sources do you use for information for cardio exercises and nutrition? I am falling of the horse a bit and your videos have been motivating me to climb back up. Thanks again!

Essop Merrick says:

Yes there is. Coming in the next few weeks. Thanks for watching.

deinetube123 says:

It must really have been fun to search for a picture of a "headless torso" on google.

Dreamtrain says:

Is there a part 2?

Max S says:

wheres part 2 homie

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