How I Got a 6 Pack in 6 Weeks – BRUTAL Abs Workout…

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6 Weeks ago I set out on the goal of getting 6 pack abs, this is my journey of those six weeks.


Getting a six pack has definitely been one of the most challenging tasks I’ve done. You’re abs are exhausted 24/7, on top of all the cardio you’re forced to do. Really please with the results though!

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More videos coming soon fam, stay tuned 🙂

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Justin Ferriman says:

You mean to tell me that by regular exercise and eating healthy you can get into great shape!?!!

Abel Alejandro says:

You look Great man!

Gareth Jones says:

Your skipping form is horrific lol. At least your doing exercise though!

saurav basu says:

That bookshelf in the left is so cute that it drew my attention more than the exercises ! Press the Like button if you have felt in the same way !

Nanami Setsuko says:

Don’t do diets, just change your nutrition.

RossKempOnYourMum01 says:

This guy is low key actually quite athletic and strong.

Ian Lendrum says:

How much did you weigh at the beginning and body fat percentage? And at the end?…

Im MTS says:

awesome video! Diet is huge!!! Nuts are a good source of protien I try to take advantage of, that or oatmeal.

Freedomforall. today says:

I don't understand why this yaber shows off his healthy eating when he downs a burrito every time he gets. He's got to work out, Propeshia bro!

ishmael stanley says:

Thanks for the inspiration

John Sickler says:

dirty socks

Chase Listorti says:

The best way to add muscle is high carb and protein diet with a lot of weight lifting

Furry Flaps says:

I wonder if I can do this diet as an alcoholic 🤔

Alex Ediker says:

Hey v sauce, 6 pack here

Uk storm chaser P says:

Regiment? You mean regimin? Surely no surely!

ClumsyFlounder says:

am i the only one that thinks this shit looks fake as fuck?

cc says:

He went from level 1 crook to level 99 kingpin

Grimm_m says:

I myself is trying to get abs, but you see I'm a kid so it's not going to be that hard.

Peter Macias says:

Thanks for the motivation.

Peter Mitchell says:

Man, the only progress you made is the same progress everybody makes in 6 weeks: Lightning, angles, and flexing.

Mr Pink says:

There's something about this guy I like. 👍

Num7CJHS says:

Im seeing a trend in these videos, he talks about a diet, and shows video of him working out, and the only change I see is light fixture and placement. He looks exactly the same, only that he is letting his gut down in one picture then flexing in 6 weeks next.

40oz says:

east coast life style shirt.. where ya from by?

Crunta says:

Great effort mate

oh glubbits says:

Can you lose belly fat then after start building muscle?

Dizionario di greco (protogrecoglotto) says:

Thumbs up for the hard work you have done for this video…

Leandro Escobar says:

I start mine next week!

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