How Did I Build My ABS On a Vegan Diet – By Lrk Kung

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By far the most asked question via my social media channels.

I finally came up with a video about getting abs.

I really hope the tips are helpful. Don’t forget how abs are build in the kitchen and designed at the gym. So make sure to follow a balanced diet, drink A LOT of water and workout DAILY!

I will be soon post a video with some abs workout tips.

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Ryan Gallagher says:

You seem to talk in circles. I wish I had more info from you.

happydallas says:

What a HEALTHY looking body! You don’t look ill like some of those keto guys. πŸ™‚

Avantika Shrivastava says:

Hey how can i contact you personally? Need to ask some questions related to gym diet and workouts .

Pranav Gupta says:

Pls. Make a video on body acne

Mobstar Hipstar says:

consuming Black Cumin Seed Oil helps so much with acne and million other health conditions.

Leo Rea says:

πŸ˜‚ πŸ™ more power😊

Ashley Engles says:

Your so knowledgeable! We should totally workout together!

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