Home AB Workout – Effective Exercises & Routines (Anywhere only using the Floor)

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Complete Ab workout at Home. Effective and best exercises to do at Home or anywhere, without Equipment (and no gym needed). Intense minutes of hard quality work & focusing on contact. Sets, reps, workout examples & info/tips in Video.

Focus on the quality of the reps and the contact and contraction with the abs, rather than just measuring the amount of minutes worked, or reps performed. Don’t rush through a workout just to get it done. Getting six pack abs requires much and consistent training as well as shaping up (“getting shredded”) so that the abs can reach a state where they are visible. And train full abs for completeness in strength & shape.

Train at your level and capacity, step by step. Avoid anything that you can’t manage or that causes pain. Do what feels best and comfortable for you.

Music used: Dream by Daplaque
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
Daplaque: https://soundcloud.com/daplaque/

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Calisthenics & Weight Training says:

For FULL BODY Exercises / Routines, see this Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlwDAZ7SSwY

chetan verma says:

Sir 30day me six pay or dit plan kya he

Sandeep Sehwag says:

Man!! Another great video with cool music!!👍👍👍👍

Markiyan Hapyak says:

SUPER!( And thanks!)
Only one thing: mainly the pelvis must stay in posterior pelvic tilt.

Sharmaarke ali says:

Woow amazing thanks bro

Faruk demirhan says:

Süper güzel

Sub Zero says:

Νice going Johnny Cage

Drawboy 2 says:

Ahh…..can I achieve the same results just watching him exercise because I'm exhausted???

Wombat Lover says:

How refreshing NO BULLSHIT talking .. JUST ACTION!!!!

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Bruno Diaz says:

the perfect calisthenics

LUSEJA says:

gracias mostro!!

Relic Reapers says:

👍👍👍 nuff said!

Ricardo sam says:

I m going to try this out morin route

Carmen Valero says:

Los ejercicios muy buenos, pero la música un horror 😠

denny juan says:

Video excelente com exercicios otimos para o abs. Showw

Willy Djato says:

Parabéns! 🤝👍

Ravi Tyagi says:

sir thanks for giving us workout routines but what about diet please upload diet plan for vegan too

Shahbaz Ali Metlo says:

Wow! You have built body very beautiful…. love from Pakistan ❤️

Valdir Junqueira says:

Perfeito parabéns

Morad Debbah says:

Simple et efficace bravo 🙂

Duan Hoang says:

Đẹp quá

Sabah Zarid says:

I swear I'll do these from tomorrow…..
Now no more excuses!

Aditya Narayan says:

He's sexy


very helpful video sir..

berenice gama says:

schow de Bola vou faser em casa

Josue R says:

Wow tu tienes un cuerpo impresionante!!!

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