HIIT Cardio Workout – Fat Burning Workout for a Flat Belly – 113 kcal

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Calories Burned: Between 90 and 113
Here’s a weight loss routine you can perform at home to lose belly fat and burn the excess calories!
Don’t forget to leave a comment below saying if you managed to complete the entire workout.
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scorpio pari says:

Starting from today very tens about belly fat, hope so its will give me result

Irene Dindyal says:

Best workout ever thanks for the videos help me a great lot truly appreciate.

rekha kansal says:

thankyou ……this workout is very good for runners

zhang jaseon says:

Ill end this cup of cola, then ill do it for sure
Tbh i had noticed alot of great results in my body frm 76kg to 70 in only two weeks 😍😍💜

Amanda Alexander says:

I'm starting this tomorrow 😊 will give results in September. Will this help with my pooch?

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