Gym Free Abs Workout – 12 Minute Six Pack Circuit

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Today, Blue Star Nutraceuticals Pro-Trainer and IFBB® Pro Jordan Wheeler is going to take you through an extra special gym-free workout that hits every part of your abs in under 12 minutes.

Think you can stomach it?

This is the Gym-Free 12 Minute Six Pack Circuit. Let’s get to it!

This workout consists of 6 exercises to be performed in circuit fashion for 30 seconds each, following a tabata interval training schedule – meaning you will perform the work portion of each exercise for 20 seconds all out, then rest 10 seconds before continuing on to the next exercise.

This will allow you to train at full intensity and create a greater EPOC response to elevate your metabolism for up to 38 hours after you finish the workout – allowing you to burn more belly fat and continue sculpting your six pack even while you rest.

Aim to complete 4 rounds of the entire circuit taking as little rest time as possible between exercises. You should complete the entire workout in 12 minutes – if it’s taking you longer than that – pick up the pace.

Exercise #1: Lying Leg Raise Figure 8s
Keep your feet about 6 inches off the ground, your legs as straight as possible and move your feet in a figure 8 motion. This will really target your lower abs and fire up your obliques. Keep your feet up and moving the entire 20 seconds, then take 10 seconds to rest and get ready for the next exercise.

Exercise #2: Alternate Toe Touch V-Ups
Next, we have alternate toe touch V-Ups. This is a great way to hit the upper and lower abs at the same time while working those lower obliques that create the v-cut look to your abs. Keep your legs and arms straight, raise your leg while crunching your upper body up at the same time, reaching up and touching your opposing foot with your hand – alternate side to side for the full 20 seconds.

Exercise #3: V-Sit Holds
These are simple yet brutal and will really test your core muscular endurance. Raise your legs and crunch your core so your body forms a V and hold that position as still as possible for the full 20 seconds. Remember to breathe, but keep those abs flexed.

Exercise #4: Russian Twists
Next we’re going to work the rotational flexion and really fatigue the obliques with russian twists. Get into sit up position then twist your upper body touching your hands down on the floor beside you, alternating side to side. To make it more challenging raise your feet a few inches off the floor and hold something in your hands to provide added resistance.

Exercise #5: Breakdancers
This unique exercise will light up your entire core. Set up in a high plank position then sit through driving your right leg up towards your left hand, raising your hand and opening your body up towards the ceiling then reverse the motion. Alternate side to side for the full 20 seconds.

Exercise #6: Chair Crunches
Finally, we’ll finish off with chair crunches. These will focus primarily on the upper abs and finish off the complete core workout. Keep your knees bent at 90 degrees, feet up and perform crunches with your hands beside your temples or across your chest. Don’t pull behind your neck to get yourself up – work your abs.

Once you’ve completed all 6 exercises go right back up to exercise one and continue working through the circuit for 4 full rounds.

And that’s it – a complete 12-minute core crushing six pack circuit.

Perform this workout 3-4 times per week in place of traditional ab work and you’ll start building that ripped six pack in no time – even without the fancy gym equipment.

And here’s the best part – your six-pack abs don’t have to come at the expense of your hard earned muscle – thanks to Blue Star Nutraceuticals Blade™ – the only clinically tested fat burner designed for men – that will help you drop unwanted belly fat, and will work for you even if you have terrible genetics, a painfully slow metabolism, or if you’re convinced you’ve tried everything else and nothing has worked.

If you’re ready to burn more fat – or you just want to learn more about this ground-breaking formula – just click the link at the top of the description and join all the men that now use Blade™ every single day!

As always – keep training hard!
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Stylin Studds says:

Wonderful video, i see some new exercising that i gotta do for my abs for sure. Thank you for sharing this to modivate me to test my exercise cardio to an intense level. 👍😀😀

MrDesertmike says:

Hellacious circuit 🔥🔥

dean cooks says:

You looked like you were challenged by that one yourself! That will take more than 12 mins for me😏 on a serious note what happened to WHATS UP CHAMP? Come on man..its my fave bit!

exender litboy200846 says:

Thanks. It's going on cool.

John Craig says:

Sounds good, but once again a program
just for those who are 100 percent healthy. What about people with ailments like knee, hip, and back issues. Come up with something every demographic can excel with and then you’ll really have something!

exender litboy200846 says:

I will try this

miperritopinon says:

One of the few channels I'm clicking the like button before the video even finishes! Abs abs abs!

J_ Bourne says:

That was fantastic! I will have to work up to 4 rounds though.

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Most underrated channel.

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