Get Six Pack Abs part 2 – Ab Ripper (Pull Up Bar Version)

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This is my take on the P90X ab ripper.

01 15 x Hanging Knee Kicks
02 15 x Hanging Cycles
03 15 x Hanging Reverse Cycles
04 15 x Hanging Knee Raises
05 15 x Hanging Wide Leg Raises
06 15 x Hanging Scissor Holds
07 15 x Hanging Butterfly Leg Raises
08 15 x Hanging Leg Raises
09 15 x Hanging Feet to Bar Leg Raises
10 15 x Hanging Oblique Knee Kicks
11 15 x Hanging Scissors
12 15 x Hanging Oblique Knee Raises

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Joe Twizzy says:

You can only do these excercises only if you have a really strong core… Otherwise you won't be able to 80% of these workouts. The song is gay as fuck too. You fucked up

Andrés Guzmán says:

Now do this shit in front of bitches….

Julie Park says:

15 on each side?

Christian Vela says:

I consider not doing your workouts your triceps are not rip you need to get more mass on your chest and arms

goldpol says:

Have you seen Muscle Maker Method? (look for it on google) It is a quick way to get ripped fast.

Muhammad Izham Khairi says:

what song is it? 

Robert Heather Dickins says:

i liked the song too!

Grave madxel says:

Everything was great, except that song… 

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Antonio Srednoselec says:

Hi,can you pls tell me how many rest i need between sets?

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sweetooth678 says:

has anyone done it for atleast a month or so like just this workout and have gotten results?

Sumoon Giri says:

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mike zeta says:

finally i found what i was looking for .nice video bro

laxmi pradhan says:

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Gabe Reptar says:

This workout really does work. You'll notice the next day how sore your ABS are.

Ryan Miller says:

i went from 150 pounds of just fat and now i weigh 160 pounds of muscle in just 7 weeks

NooFearCS says:

1:33 is funny a little 😀

Joseph R Nine T says:

How many sets?

tom tom says:

his palms are facing out

Enter a name here says:

Ouch!! Haha

slopedarmor says:

thnx for the vid, but thank god for the mute button.

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