Get six pack abs in 6 minutes on your couch. This Works!

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Close How to get six pack abs doing this very powerful workout on your couch. You will get ripped abs in only 6 minutes per day.
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gerson Garcia says:

I remember watching this video when I was 13 and I actually did it every day. It does work if you’re skinny. (Like I was when I was 13) I got abs at that time it’s very effective. If you’re like me now that has belly fat you need to do more than just this exercise in order to get abs.

This is more of a do at home workout when you don’t have time to go to the gym.

Stef - says:

Back in the days when videos where shot using a potato 😂😂😂

Jordan T says:

I'm so insecure so i literally looked this up so that I could be skinnier even tho I'm already underweight

This is Thirthu Patil says:

I watched this video 10 years ago and am commenting it NOW

Umi ZoomR says:

I haven't realized how old this video is lol

Mr Sandman says:

Worked out for me

Xnx Gaming says:

Holy crap I remember watching this like 11 years ago! I haven't done the exercises in a long time, but when I was, I definitely saw improvements after 1 month. Keep at it!

M.D Records says:

So what i need is a 2 seat capacity size sofa,. First.. ok😌

NasTyEmpireMotivation says:

It's a promotion for the couch

Potato aim says:

I dont have couch

kenny lo you says:

taping artiste coréenne enfer on youtube, only Jésus-Christ save !

The new Man says:

6 minutes my ass

Atom M says:

Link to buy couch?

Julian REC says:

Yoooo these fools in the comments are trolls 😂😂

CyranoForever101 says:

Do you have to be human to do this exercise?

Sarkario says:

Instructions unclear.. converted my couch into a waterbed.

HoneyBear Honey says:

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Travis Gurney Vlogs says:

Instructions not clear butt stuck in the toaster

rick mccoy says:

thank you for posting, I would have never though to use the couch as a stability factor with the lower ab workout and leg lifts, Im 45 years old this summer and am proud to say after 2.5 years I have some great definition in my gut area. this vid and moves presented will enable me to mix up my routine and further define my core 😀

JF Films says:

i only have a purple couch tho will it still work????

Shaiata shai says:

Belly iZz burnning🔥🔥🔥🔥


Like me if your watching in 2018

PK Blader says:

I'm 2 years old and this really works!

Nietflix says:

I used this workout on my back – now I have abs in front AND back!

Robert marawa says:

For anyone interested, yes, this does work. It works all the main parts of your core so the exercises are great.
However, this is only 10% towards getting a six pack. Maintain a great diet, with low carbs and low fats, while also doing cardio. Doing That in conjunction with this will give you a 6 pack.

KineticLizard says:

omg this worked!!!1111!!!!

ayden Lopez says:

i like how he said six minutes but the video is 5:29 seconds😂

David Gomez says:

a youtube classic

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