Get A Six Pack By STARVING?

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How To Get Six Pack Abs:

Hey Guys!

In today’s episode of Six Pack Shortcuts Johnson and I are going to be talking about getting a six-pack from starving.
NO! we are not saying you can achieve this. But we think it is necessary to talk about this due to the fact that we’ve been receiving this question a lot. It sounds like it makes scenes, you must eat as little as possible to loose weight and get a six-pack.

The truth is that in proceeding in a program like this is the worst thing you can do to your body.

Please don’t do this you will look like crap!!

Here are some of the tips we go through in this video

*The wrong way to eat in which you will always be hungry
*The proper way in eating less and loosing weight

And if you’ve tried EVERYTHING to get abs, and you’re frustrated because nothing’s worked…you need to watch this free video I just posted right now:

I show you the training routine I used to get abs, and show you exactly how to get started training with the same exercises and workouts that I use. And I also show you the eating system that I use to stay lean and ripped, WITHOUT having to starve myself, count calories, or stress about my diet.

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Neil Haran says:

Calorie restriction will make you lose muscle. Water fasting (as in zero calories) will get you a 6 pack and raise your HGH levels.

Beau Halliday says:

You can get a six pack by water fasting and you don't lose muscle in ketosis this video is nonsense


Yes so.the body eats your protein….

So sick of hearing this shit

20RainMaker says:

Fake news. I didn’t eat for 13 days and was in pain but my abs showed after it

Chandler Angol says:

Of course he’s going to say no, it goes against his brand

Tech We Love says:

Another thing is to do between 100-200 reps for an exercise, in how ever many sets it takes to accomplish it, for a particular weight on a controlled machine. Use controlled machines to prevent injury. If you do that many reps, you'll really tone, and lubricate the muscles, tendons, blood vessels, etc, around that area. You'll find your range of motion increase, and your body will naturally help reduce your hunger, because of this type of exercise. Also follow Mike's example when he talks about eating the broccoli, the clean chicken, and 4-5 smaller meals throughout the day.

Personally I've done the intermittent fasting diet, and I found that I ran out of energy to go weight-lift after about 10 days of doing this. Also, because I hadn't eaten for 16-17 hours, when I did eat something, I got really tired, and wanted to sleep. Even when I only ate a little this would occur, but also the urge, and trend to accidentally overeat when the fast was over, occurred at other times in the 2 weeks of doing this.

walter augier says:

I'm a female and never got a six pack without feeling hungier than I would like. This is the hardest thing to do – to eat simply less when I work out. If I work out and my muscles get sour and the enire body hurts after a powerfull training, my body is asking for food so much more. I feel almost impossible to eat less than normal. I end up having double portions because after just one portion I still feel like I am low in energy and exausted…. Even after seconds, I still feel hungry and struggle not to eat a third portion…….I can eat less much easier when I don't work out my muscles at all. When I work out, I eat more. I try to eat more fresh whole ingredients and I don't seem to gain fat but neither do I lose fat…….this is not easy….

Thien Trieu says:

Intermittent fasting is the new science. Check out Dr Jason Fung. Insulin is what stops you from accessing your fat stores .

Skyler Mccloud says:

I like your channel but sorry your wrong about this he went 28 days not eating anything has abs still does

Jay Boyd says:

Not true i got a 6pack by water fasting for 5days while working out and i didnt lose any muscle i am a 43yr old. This was my first time seeing my 6pk i dont agree bro

Erik Sarkisian says:

You don't lose muscle while fasting lol

Stephanie williams says:

how many times does he say "n'kay" in a video


Bro your diet is starving your self stfub

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