Get A Line Down Your Stomach – At Home Abs and Six Pack Workout

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Many people want to get that infamous “Line Down Your Stomach” effect we usually see in movies or on fitness models.
I’m here to tell you that this line is actually a side effect of:
1. You losing your body fat, which in turns will make your belly leaner
2. Exercising your Abs (Abdominal Muscles) in order to get the Six Pack look.
This workout will help you with both of these. If you work out consistently then you WILL get the desired line down your stomach, and look phenomenal in the mirror šŸ™‚

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Good luck and make sure to leave me a comment below, and tell me if you could complete the entire workout! Let’s begin!!

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Bailey 6749 says:

Is this also for boys/men because Iā€™m 14 and trying to lose weight and unsure if this is for me

Jennifer Felice says:

im a 21 year old woman and ive never felt the burn this much before …and let me just say after 10 weeks 3 days a week

Marcus Mueller says:

Who else is going swimming in a week and wants a six pack

gully boy says:

Is this only girls can do

Lalita Thapa says:

done…lets see the challange

Lalita Thapa says:

this is also done

Lalita Thapa says:

i am started this….hope i will complete this for better result

Nasim Khan says:

I find the knee tuck crunches the most challenging!

Nasim Khan says:

How many times in a week,would you recommend these exercises?

Patty Barnes says:

Yay! Another workout completed!

Amanda Alexander says:

I'm going to try this from tomorrow morning. I need to be consistent

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