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Six Pack / ABS Workout for beginner /Grow Muscles/ Burn Fat
Six Pack routine abs routine body transformation six pack transformation ABS Routine ABS Workout
►►►THE Workout:
3 Cyrcles – 2 minutes rest after each cycle
– LEG HOLD = 20 Seconds
– Knee to Chest = 12 times (each side)
– Planche = 20 seconds
– Pull up hold = 12 times(each arm)
– Roll Ups = 12 times.
– Scissors = 12 times.l. (each leg)
– Hip lifts = 12 times. (each side)
– Mountain Climbers = 12 times (each leg)
– Planche = 20 seconds

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Dark Legend CR says:

See you guys in 4 weeks, I'm trying it today

AnaDMTL says:

I love dogs so much. He's like "Oh hey hooman, thank you for letting me in. …. what are you doing? I help"

Evgeni Atanasov says:

Nice video bro not to hate but its Plank not Planche. The Planche is a much high level athletics. U can see in the first few seccond in this video what is Planche https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0Yx9qbZuX8 🙂

Ivaba NznN says:

Can i do mby morning after 12 and before sleap can i do like that pls answer

Battle HAWK says:

Teenager 13, little chubby, will this work and get rid of this fat and get me abs?? Recommend anything?

Alexi Dimitrov says:

I feel like the thumbnail is a clickbait

Luisa Krause says:

You got a cute doggo

сфинксы пудины says:

yo im happy asf
today after like 2 weeks i did it without taking a break of a few seconds to rest and im not dead after it! i think i can finally start doing 2 cycles. On my way to 3 ! Good luck to all of you that are starting

Ahmed Bakali says:

D not forget the burpess

Kyros says:

Should i do this workout before or after eating?

glider says:

Does it work if I do it 3 times everyday??

LuDo says:

the lower back on the first two exercises should touch the ground…you not doing that properly…

EZPLAYZZ l says:

You have to eat healthy, no matter how much of this you do there will be no results. ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN

Tymur Zhyvotov says:

This actually work?

El Pablito says:


Humza Ahmad says:

If you don't have a diet it's impossible to get abs

Luke Cherrington says:

Absolutely brilliant. A week and a half in and I'm already seeing great results.

František Klapetek says:

And what about the food? :/

Rengar on the Hunt says:

The guy who takes mirrowselfies with an iPad. That’s my hero

Bennyto Camelot says:

This is the best abs workout right now for me👌🏽

100 K Subs No Video says:

planche? You mean plank? Planche is street workout out.

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